Registration Procedures


Registration is the formal enrollment in the University. An official registration period is scheduled before each semester. Undergraduate students are assigned a time-ticket based upon their completed earned credit hours and/or any priorities. Time-tickets can be viewed in the Cav Center within the Student Profile homepage. Formal registration is required for credit in ANY course. All students are expected to complete registration within the time published in the Academic Calendar. Students must complete their registration online through the Cav Center portal by following the steps outlined below in order to register for their semester coursework. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure all student account balances have been resolved PRIOR to registration. Students will not be permitted to register for coursework with a balance of $1,000 or above.

Freshmen work with their assigned advisor from the Office of First Year Success & Academic Advising upon entry into the University. Students typically meet with their first year advisor until they have reached sophomore status and/or have been reassigned a content advisor. Any changes to their schedule prior to the start of their first semester must follow the steps outlined within the Change in Registration policy outlined in the University catalog.

While academic advisors guide and assist students with course scheduling and sequencing, it is the responsibility of each student to ensure he/she is monitoring their progress towards completing degree requirements.


The procedure outlined below should be utilized by current, new, and transfer students:

  1. Access the Cav Center portal
  2. Click on the “Students” tile
  3. View your assigned time-ticket under "Registration Notices" in the upper right-hand corner to see when you are eligible to begin registering.
  4. Click on “Registration Home” on the side navigation bar under “Additional Links”. From here, you can View Registration Information, Browse Classes, and Register for Classes. You can even plan ahead using the Plan Ahead tool. Additionally, you can click the “Prepare for Registration” link to view the number of earned credit hours. 
  5. When it is your time to register for classes, click on “Register for Classes” and select the term in which you are registering for.
  6. *From here, you will be able to register for courses via the Find Classes tab, Entering in the CRNs, or from a “Plan” created through the “Plan Ahead” tool.
  7. Once you have added your courses using any of the methods from step 6, you will want to review the information in the “Summary” block in the lower right-hand corner. Please be sure to hit submit to ensure your registration goes is processed.
    1. IMPORTANT: If the course you are registering for has a variable credit hour range, you MUST update the desired number of credit hours under the "Schedule and Options" tab.

​*Students should follow the Change in Registration policy outlined in the catalog for any changes that need to be made to their registration.