Academic Forgiveness Policy

The Academic Forgiveness Policy applies to any undergraduate student who has experienced academic deficiencies (probation, suspension, dismissal) at Walsh University.  In order to qualify for academic forgiveness, the following criteria must be met:

  • The student must not have attended Walsh University for at least 36 months
  • Must have been re-admitted to the university
  • Must have completed, after re-admission, at least two semesters of coursework at the university with a minimum grade point average of 2.50
  • Must be registered for coursework in current semester

This policy applies only to the semester(s) during which the student was on academic probation, continuing academic probation, suspension, or dismissal. Only those courses with a final grade of "F" (failure) are to be excluded from the student’s cumulative grade point average. Although no longer calculated in figuring the student’s grade point average, "F" grades will remain on the student’s official academic transcript, but annotated with the letter "E" to indicate their exclusion from calculation of the cumulative G.P.A. 

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the student to re-take any excluded courses that are necessary for graduation. 

A student may use the Academic Forgiveness Policy only once and a designation will be noted on the academic transcript. Those who qualify to apply for academic forgiveness under this policy may submit a petition directly to the Associate Vice President for Academic Administration.