Change in Registration

During Add/Drop Period

Changes in registration during the add/drop period are initiated via the Cavalier Center. Students may add or drop courses during the add/drop period for the semester (refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates). The official student academic record will not reflect courses dropped during the add/drop period. A fee is charged for each change in registration that occurs after the official registration period.

After Add/Drop Period

Changes in registration that occur after the add/drop deadline can be made using the Request to Drop a Course form online. A change in registration fee will be charged for all changes made after the add/drop period. 

When a student drops a course after the add/drop deadline for the term in which the course is being offered, a final grade of "W" appears on the academic transcript. Students who fail to drop a course by the deadline to drop a course with a "W" will receive the grade in which he/she has earned, as determined by the assigned course instructor.

Students planning to enroll in a variable credit course must secure the appropriate credit hour no later than the end of the add/drop period for the semester.

Courses Cancelled by the Department

Cancelled courses will be dropped automatically by the Office of the Registrar, however, it is the student’s responsibility to add another course in its place. Cancelled courses will not be assessed a change in registration fee.

The student’s academic advisor must approve all course changes in registration. While a student can make changes to his/her registration through the Cav Center during the add/drop period, it is important that he/she consult their academic advisor to ensure the changes made still permit adequate progress towards degree completion.