Auditing a Course Policy and Procedure


Students may audit a course with permission of the instructor, student's advisor, and the division chair and/or dean of the school upon payment of the auditing fee, one-half the regular tuition rate per course. An audited course appears on the student’s academic record; however, no credits are earned and no grade is assigned. Program major and core requirements cannot be met through an audited course. A request for this change MUST be submitted and approved no later than the last day of the add/drop period (refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates). Once the grade mode has been updated from a standard letter grade to audit, a student will not be permitted under any circumstances to revert back to a letter grade option.

Honors Students must have the permission of the Honors Director.


  1. The student must register for the course via the Cavalier Center or through the Request to Add a Course online.
  2. Students must submit a Request to Audit a Course online after he/she has registered for the course.
  3. The request will route automatically to the course instructor, student's advisor, and the division chair or dean for approval.
    1. If a student is a part of the Honors Program, their request must be approved by the Director of the Honors Program along with their academic advisor.
  4. ​Once approved by the necessary departmental figures above, the Office of the Registrar will be notified to update the grade mode from a standard letter grade to audit.
  5. The Student Service Center will be notified after the grade mode has been updated so necessary adjustments to the student's account can be made.
  6. When final grades are assigned at the end of the term, a final grade of AU will appear on the student's academic transcript.