Attendance Policy

Attendance at all classes and laboratories is expected of all students. Exceptions may occur as described below.

Students are excused from regular lectures and laboratories for approved, university-sponsored activities such as intercollegiate athletic competitions and special events (field trips, e.g.) approved by University administration. Students who are excused from a particular class are responsible for notifying the instructor in advance of the absence, for making arrangements to complete any learning activities occurring during their absence, and for completing that work within the agreed time. If coursework is time-restricted or requires participation with others, alternative learning activities can be substituted or an adjustment can be made in the grade calculation that does not penalize the student for the missed coursework.  All make-up for exams or labs must be at the instructor’s convenience. Each course syllabus should provide attendance/absence/make-up policies.

Excuses from class for reasons other than university-sponsored activities are determined by individual instructors according to the policies of their division. Students are responsible for knowing an instructor’s attendance policy, as stated in the course syllabus.

In case of foreseen and extended absences, a student should assume responsibility to inform instructors, gather assignments, and make suitable arrangements to make up work. For unforeseen absences, the student should contact instructors as soon as possible and determine whether it is possible to make up the work, whether withdrawal is the best option, or whether an Incomplete might be arranged. Except for officially excused absences, instructors are not required to permit make-ups.