Admissions Policies and Procedures

Walsh University expects all students and applicants for admission to be responsible individuals in their conduct so as to reflect favorably upon themselves and the University community. The University reserves the right to deny enrollment to any student or applicant whose conduct or attitude is believed to be detrimental to the University community.

Freshman Admission Requirements

Students seeking admission to Walsh University are to submit the following to the Office of Admission:

  • Completed application for admission 
  • Official high school transcripts
  • Scores from the American College Test (ACT), Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or Classic Learning Test (CLT).
    Walsh’s institutional identification number for the ACT is 3349.
    Walsh’s institutional identification number for the SAT is 1926.
    Writing Test on either the ACT or SAT is strongly recommended.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • An essay is highly recommended.

Application for admission can be made after six semesters of high school work. Upon receipt of the required documents, the application materials are reviewed and an admissions decision is made. Under the rolling admission policy, the student will be notified of this decision within 10 days.

Each student’s application for admission is reviewed individually to assess the student’s ability to meet the rigors of the University’s curriculum. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 and an ACT composite score of 18 or SAT (critical reading + math) score of 940 must be attained to be considered for admission, but does not guarantee a favorable admission decision. The composition of the high school classes, grades achieved in the college preparatory classes, and the standardized test scores all are taken into consideration before an admission decision is rendered.

Recommended high school preparation for admission to Walsh University should include the following units: 4 English, 3 Mathematics, 3 Sciences, 3 Social Studies, 2 Foreign Language, 1 Fine or Performing Art.

The State Equivalency Certificate, based on the General Educational Development Tests (GED), is accepted in lieu of a regular high school diploma. A minimum total GED score of 145 is required to be considered for admission.

The University is more interested in an applicant’s potential to succeed than in any prescribed pattern of courses. Should an applicant’s preparation differ from the requirements stated above, the Admissions Office will convene to review and make an admission decision based on each individual’s performance and potential to succeed.

Test-Optional Admission Requirements

Our Admissions Office supports a holistic approach to evaluating our freshman applicants. We believe there are many ways of measuring your strengths and readiness for college. Our test optional policy, you will not be required to submit ACT or SAT test scores. Your application will be evaluated based on your application information, high school transcripts, and admissions essay.

In order to be eligible to apply under the Test Optional policy, students most meet a minimum of 3.0 GPA in college preparatory curriculum.

Below is the list of students NOT eligible to apply under our test optional policy: 

  • Homeschooled students
  • Recruited NCAA Division II athletes
  • International students- unless they have completed 2 years of US high school education and are graduating from US high school
  • Applicants applying to the following programs: 
    • Early Assurance Entry - Physical Therapy
    • BA/MBA Program - B.A. in Business and a M.A. Business Administration
    • BA/MA Counseling & Human Development Program
    • Legal Studies Programs

Transfer Student Admission Requirements

  • Completed application for admission 
  • Official final high school transcripts
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities/professional schools previously attended sent directly from the institution.
  • An essay is highly recommended.

Transfer of college credit toward a degree for courses taken at a college or university other than Walsh must be approved by the Registrar or appropriate division chair. Walsh University accepts transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions with a grade of "C" or better. Pre-nursing students and biology, biochemistry, chemistry, clinical laboratory science, bioinformatics, psychology pre-OT and psychology pre-PT majors who wish to transfer science courses from 2-year community colleges or technical colleges, must earn a "B" or better grade. The grades earned are not included in the student’s cumulative grade point index. Only credit hours are accepted and recorded on the academic record for each transferred course as "TR."

Students wishing to transfer into nursing must be in good academic standing in their prior nursing program. In addition, the student must meet the Gary and Linda Byers School of Nursing admission criteria.

A student who has earned credits in a technical program (industrial, commercial, culinary, agricultural, mechanical, musical or the arts) at a regionally accredited two- or four-year college or university may transfer in as many as 15 hours of technical credits as elective credits. These technical credits will not fulfill core or major requirements.

Transfer students are required to complete a minimum of 32 credit hours at Walsh University to be considered for a degree from the University.

All students will be held to the requirement that 32 of the last 38 semester hours, with a minimum of 15 credit hours in the major field, must be taken at Walsh University.

Transfer students who have achieved an associate's degree are eligible for reduced core.

Note: Transfer and transient courses cannot count for Tier II (Heritage Series) credit, unless approved from Division Chair or Director of General Education Program.

International Student Admission Requirements

  • Completed application for admission 
  • Original official transcripts translated into English providing proof that secondary education was successfully completed
  • Original official transcripts from all colleges and universities or professional schools previously attended, translated into English
  • Student needs one of the following:
    • Minimum TOEFL score of 500 on the paper-based test, 173 on the computer-based test, and 62 on the Internet test.
    • The STEP test (administered mainly in Japan) can be taken lieu of the TOEFL. A minimum score of Grade 2A is required.
    • Minimum IELTS score of 5.5.
    • Standardized Test Results: SAT or ACT
    • A recommendation by the Enrollment Management Committee, if applicable
    • Minimum of 180 on the C2 Proficiency Cambridge English Assessment. 
    • Minimum of 160 on the Cambridge English Assessment for tests B2 First and C1 Advanced.
  • Walsh’s Certification of Financial Responsibility indicating that the funds exist and will be available to pay for the first academic year, supported by financial statements.
  • International students must maintain full-time status (12 or more credit hours per semester) during their stay in the United States.
  • All international students are required to purchase health insurance.

International Health Insurance Requirement (Walsh University Student Health Insurance Policy)

Walsh University requires all full-time undergraduate and graduate students to have health insurance. Walsh University will automatically enroll all full-time undergraduate and graduate students with the university health plan. Students that waive the university plan must provide documentation of an alternate insurance plan to the Director of International Student Services.

Walsh University policy requires all international students to maintain insurance coverage meeting the following minimum standards:

Minimum coverage for basic accident and illness: $50,000 per condition
Repatriation of remains: $7,500
Medical evacuation (return to home country for medical treatment): $10,000
Deductible (amount you must pay before your insurance provider pays): $500 maximum

The policy provided lasts for 12 months from the first day of classes.  Students can select a 6 month policy if they have proof of graduation within those 12 months. 

Conditional Admission Program

A limited number of students who lack some admission criterion may be admitted on a conditional basis for their first year of studies. Students admitted conditionally must complete required testing, meet with a counselor five times during their first semester, take the GE 110 (Study skills) course and take no more than 16 credit hours.

Students successfully meeting their academic obligations after 32 semester hours will be granted regular status.

Readmission to the University

A matriculated, degree-seeking student who has been absent from Walsh for one full academic year or more must file a Returning Student Application. An academic advisor will be assigned and all records will be updated according to the appropriate catalog. If the student has attended another institution during this absence, he/she will be required to submit official transcripts for evaluation prior to readmission. Any financial or academic holds must be removed from the student's account prior to admission.

Placement and Proficiency Testing

To enhance student success, all enrolling students are required to take Mathematics and Foreign Language placement tests. Nursing students test in Chemistry. Students placing into developmental courses receive credit towards graduation; however, the courses do not fulfill core or major requirements. Students showing sufficient proficiency in Foreign Language, English, and/or Mathematics will need no further courses in these areas unless the courses are needed for their chosen major.

International students from countries where English is not the first, national language are required to take an English Language Learning (ELL) placement test to determine placement in English courses during their first week at the University. Students placed into the developmental ELL courses receive credit toward graduation; however, the courses do not fulfill necessary English core requirements. Once students complete the ELL courses, they transition into general English courses that fulfill core/major requirements. Students are able to test out of ELL courses through the ELL placement test. 

Enrollment Deposit

Students confirm their acceptance to Walsh University by paying a $125 tuition deposit, which is credited to their first-term payment. The enrollment deposit is fully refundable until May 1st. Students who wish to reside on campus need to pay a $200 housing deposit.

Honors Program

Walsh University’s Honors Program offers two admission tracks. The first, General Honors, is designed for those students who begin the program as freshmen. Track II Honors accepts into the program those who have excelled during their freshman-year experience at Walsh. Both admissions tracks are highly competitive. 

General Honors

Each year, university faculty collaborate with the Honors Program Director and the Honors Committee to select the incoming freshman Honors class from a qualified pool of high-school seniors who have completed the Honors Competition Application and participated in the Honors Competition. During the Honors Competition, applicants interview with faculty and interact with Walsh’s current Presidential, Founders, and Honors Scholars. The Honors Program awards its scholarships based upon a holistic review of faculty recommendations, each student's application materials, and each student's interview, among other factors.  

Honors Scholarship applicants should meet or exceed the following criteria:

  • A high-school grade average of 3.75
  • An ACT score of 25 or an SAT score of 1200

Track II Honors

Each spring semester, the Honors Director and Honors Committee welcome applications from qualified Walsh freshmen for admittance into the Honors Program via Track II. After an initial vetting process, particularly promising students interview for Honors with the director and committee. To apply for Track II Honors Program admittance, a student must complete an application form, gather several recommendations from Walsh faculty, submit an original writing sample, and complete the interview process described above. Students should have a minimum grade-point average of 3.3 in university courses when applying. Students interested in Track II Honors are welcomed to contact the Director of the Honors Program as early as the middle of the fall semester of their freshmen year to initiate the application process. Students selected into Track II Honors receive the same scholarship support as students admitted through General Honors.

Advanced Placement and Credit

The divisions of English/Foreign Languages, History/Political Science, and Mathematics grant course credit to students who have passed one or more of the advanced placement tests of the College Entrance Examination Board. Students must have their advanced placement scores on file in the Registrar’s Office. A minimum score of three is required for most; higher scores may be required. The Registrar and division chairs award credit as appropriate. Each division determines which of its courses the advanced placement tests substitute. A minimum score of three on the English Language and Composition Test earns credit for ENG 101, a four or higher for ENG 101 and ENG 102. A four or higher on the English Literature and Composition Test will earn a student three elective credits in English.

Walsh University also allows credit by examination, including the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), to students who have had learning experience equivalent to college course work. High school-level work is not accepted under this program. Life experience credit also is available to students. Contact the registrar for further information.

College Credit Plus

Walsh’s College Credit Plus Program allows qualified high school students to enroll in courses for course credit. These courses, in addition to fulfilling high school graduation requirements as approved by local boards of education, give qualified students a head start toward a college degree. Accepted students join Walsh students in taking regular courses taught by University faculty members. The University may require students, prior to enrollment in the College Credit Plus Program, to take placement tests. Preregistration for classes is on a space-available basis.

College Credit Plus Admission

  • Preferred 3.00 cumulative GPA
  • Submit CCP Application* by application deadline
  • Submit official high school transcripts and ACT/SAT scores to Office of Admissions
  • Meet state eligibility standards

*Please note that no applications are accepted for Spring semester

Interested students should ask their high school counselors for details.

Cooperative Degree Programs

Walsh–Stark State College

Walsh University has a cooperative program in Early Childhood Education with Stark State College. Inquiries should be made to the Walsh University Division of Education. Students must meet Walsh’s current admissions requirements to be covered by this agreement.

Students receiving associate’s degrees in business management technology, marketing management technology, accounting technology/CPA or nursing at Stark State College can continue their education and earn a bachelor’s degree in their respective field at Walsh University.

Veterans’ Benefits

All programs leading to master’s or bachelor’s have been approved by the State Approving Agency for veterans training under Public Law 358. Walsh University meets all requirements for undergraduate and graduate students eligible to study under benefits of the G.I. Bill.

Certain standards of progress are applicable to any student receiving a veteran’s allowance:

  • Students eligible for Veterans Administration (V.A.) educational allowance who do not raise their G.P.A. to that required at the end of the first probationary period (one semester) will be terminated for V.A. payment purposes.
  • Students who withdraw from a course except during the official add-drop period receive no credit. This score is included when determining the cumulative G.P.A. for Veterans Administration payment purposes.
  • For the purpose of the Yellow Ribbon Program, Walsh only provides tuition assistance during the fall and spring semesters and will not match tuition gap for students during the summer term.

Adult Accelerated Degree Programs - School for Professional Studies

Students may earn up to 45 credit hours for work or life experience and through test outs. Students may move in and out of sessions as needed due to outside demands. Advisors work with students to determine their best options for degree completion. Excellence in education and the integrity of the program are maintained and strengthened through stringent academic monitoring and continuous communication with both faculty and students.

Admission Requirements

To be accepted into the School for Professional Studies, students must:

  • Be 21 years old.
  • Have 12 hours of prior college credit. (Acceptable transfer work is credit toward a degree 
    for courses taken at a college or university other than Walsh that is approved by the 
    registrar, appropriate division chair, or program director. Walsh University accepts transfer
    credits from regionally accredited institutions with a grade of "C" or better)
    • If you are an adult learner (21 years and older) with less than 12 credit hours of 
      acceptable transfer work you must:
      • Have graduated from an accredited high school or have an overall score of 
        640 on the GED
      • Complete standardized placement test in writing.
      • Applicants showing sufficient proficiency in writing will require 
        no further courses in this area. 
      • All students with less than 12 credit hours of acceptable transfer work will have 
        provisional acceptance until the completion of the following 
        (as part of a Learning Support Program – LSP):
        • APA Refresher Course
        • Earned 12 credit hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 
          (on a 4.00 scale)
  • If you are an adult learner (21 years and older) with at least 12 credit hours of acceptable 
    transfer work, you must:
    • Have graduated from an accredited high school or have an overall score of 
      640 on the GED
    • Have a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA (on a 4.00 scale) on a minimum of 12 credit 
      hours of approved transfer credit.
    • Upon admission, the student will meet with his/her academic advisor to review the 
      degree requirements, review proficiency status and enroll in the appropriate 

Admission Process

Admission to the School for Professional studies requires:

  • Completed online application
  • A current resume
  • Official transcript from each college or university previously attended
  • Official transcript from high school
  • If applicable, notarized copy of DD-214 or DD-295 forms (military) and/or official copy of CLEP, PEP, DANTES, USAFI standardized test scores, and/or company training courses if they have been evaluated by the American Council of Education
  • Assessment and/or placement tests may be required.

GPA Calculation for Students Transferring to Walsh University from Another Institution

Courses transferred from another accredited institution are not included in the student's cumulative grade point index.  Only the credit hours are accepted and recorded on the academic record for each transferred course as “TR.”

Business majors, transferring in equivalent degree required business courses, will follow the GPA calculation requirements for purposes of advancement and graduation (see degree requirements).


Registration for SPS classes creates a contract for payment of tuition, fees and charges.  If the student chooses to terminate this contract with Walsh University, he/she must officially (in writing) drop his/her class(es) during the first six business days from the start of each session in which the course occurs, in order to receive 100% tuition refund.  However, there will be a $100 drop fee assessed at that time.

Nonattendance to class or notification to an instructor does not constitute an official withdrawal.  

The student should understand that dropping classes could negatively affect his/her financial aid award package.


For All Students

Owed account balance to Walsh University must be under $1000.00 before a student is permitted to register for future classes in subsequent semesters.  Any balance over 90 days old will be assessed a 1% per month interest fee.

For Students Receiving Company Reimbursement

Students must make full payment to Walsh University no later than 30 business days after grades are issued, and must provide Walsh University with a current copy of Walsh University’s Employer Reimbursement form.  Any balance over 30 days old will be assessed a 1% per month interest fee, and any delinquent balance may result in the students account being removed from the Employer Reimbursement program until it is brought up to date.


Balances not paid after 150 days from the start date of the session in which the course occurs are subject to collection action.  This action includes collection and default charges in addition to the interest fees.  If an account balance is forwarded to a third party collection agency, the student will be responsible for that account balance (including interest) and collection costs of 33 1/3%.  Payment in full (including interest and collection costs) must be made before the student is able to register for any additional classes.  Tuition for all future courses must be paid in advance.

Financial Aid

Students who register for at least six (6) semester hours per semester are eligible to apply for federal and state financial assistance.  This assistance includes grant programs as well as deferred student loans. Information and applications can be obtained by contacting the Walsh University Financial Aid Office at 330-490-7147.

For previous Walsh University Graduates

Walsh University graduates holding a baccalaureate degree may pursue an additional major baccalaureate degree through the School for Professional Studies.  Candidates for an additional degree must satisfactorily complete all of the current requirements for the additional degree and a minimum of 32 additional semester credit hours at Walsh University.  Credit hours from the original degree will not count toward the 32 additional hours required for the new degree. Transfer credits, portfolio credits, CLEP, DANTES or special tests will not apply to the 32 additional required hours.

Students returning for an additional degree are required to apply for graduation and pay appropriate graduation fees.  The second degree will be posted separate of the original degree.  Walsh will not ask for the first diploma to be returned.  A new diploma reflecting the additional degree will be issued to the student, consistent with the transcript.

DeVille School of Business courses for traditional undergraduates

The DeVille School of Business permits main campus business majors to enroll in a maximum of two DSoB courses (BUS or ECON) through the School for Professional Studies if:

  1. the student meets the admittance criteria of the School for Professional Studies, or
  2. the student not meeting the School for Professional Studies admittance criteria requires a course for graduation at the end of the current semester and that course is not available in the DSoB's main campus offering for that semester.

A main campus business major should be aware that attendance for the first class sessions are mandatory.  There may be an assignment due the first class session. Textbooks must be obtained prior to the beginning date for the course. Any student failing to attend the first class session will be administratively withdrawn from the course.  The student must gain permission (per above criteria) from the dean of the DeVille School of Business to take courses offered through the School for Professional Studies.