Academic Appeal

All students have the right to appeal a grade or academic decision which they believe to be in error or unfair. An appeal should not be entered upon lightly by a student, nor lightly dismissed by an instructor or administrator. 


At the end of each term, instructors are required to assign a final grade for all registered students. It is within the instructor's professional jurisdiction to assign the grade the student has earned. Should a grade be assigned that a student believes to be in error, the student has the right to submit an appeal to contest the final grade. A grade appeal is not permitted for students who receive a final grade of "F" due to his/her failure to drop a course within the timeframe as listed in the Academic Calendar. Additionally, grade appeals are not permitted for final grades of "W".


  1. The student should first attempt to resolve the grading issue or academic decision directly with the assigned course instructor. 
  2. Should a student be unable to resolve the grading issue or academic decision directly with the instructor, an Academic Appeal Request must be submitted no later than two calendar weeks after the release of final grades or the academic decision. Requests submitted after this deadline will not be reviewed.
    1. Students must include the rationale behind the grade or academic decision appeal.
  3. The request  must be submitted with all supporting documentation to the division chair or program director. 
    1. The departmental figure above will review the appeal. 
      1. Should the departmental figure determine a grade or academic decision change is appropriate and necessary, the outcome will be communicated to the student.
  4. After the division chair or program director reviews the request, the school dean is responsible for verifying the appropriateness of the decision.
  5. If the student chooses to appeal the division chair or program director's decision, he/she may appeal to the School Dean no later than two weeks following the decision or the division chair or program director.
  6. The final decision of the School Dean is considered final.
  7. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for processing grade changes and academic decision updates that result from an approved Academic Appeal Request.