Student Life and Services


A college education consists of much more than classroom work. Walsh University’s goal is to help each student grow in knowledge, wisdom, and virtue.

The University offers a comprehensive program of services designed to enhance each student’s ability to function as a responsible member of the Walsh community and society. Coordination of services and activities is provided principally through the Office of Student Affairs.

The transition from home and high school to college can be an exciting time of challenge and change. Getting started on the right track toward finding, starting, and completing a degree program at Walsh University is an important first step. The Orientation programs are designed to provide both welcoming and informational opportunities for new students and their families. We strive to help incoming students make meaningful and purposeful connections to Walsh through programs that focus on the student’s academics, personal, faith and social development.

The Freshman Orientation experience begins with completing an online onboarding called “Cavalier Connect” through our Electronic Course Network (ECN).  Student then attend a Cavalier Connection summer session which provides an opportunity to connect with Walsh students, faculty and staff. Interactive sessions provide important information about the programs and services offered to assist students throughout their journey at Walsh.  New students meet their first year academic advisor, receive Fall semester course schedules, connect with their Maroon & Gold Student Mentor, and engage with future classmates.

The Fall semester officially kicks-off the weekend prior to the start of classes. Walsh University’s Welcome Weekend is specifically designed to help our Freshman students learn about all the exciting opportunities and important responsibilities of being a member of the Cavalier Community. During Welcome Weekend students are introduced to the Cavalier Learning Network (CLN) course, a series of small group meetings led by a trained instructor. CLN continues to meet weekly during the first semester and provide opportunities for real-life, hands-on discussions, including:  college success skills, academics support, healthy living, responsible decision making, diversity, and much more!  CLN is a credit bearing course and is required for graduation.

To learn more about Walsh University’s Orientation Programs, visit 

Walsh University offers its residents the opportunity for a rich experience in group living as it strives to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning. To be eligible for campus residence, students must be full-time and in good academic and conduct standing with the University. Summer housing is also available.

Policies and procedures are designed to give students freedom for growth and self-discipline; at the same time, the policies help to ensure the environment needed for study and respect for other members of the community.

All full-time, traditional-aged students are required to live in University housing. Students apply for housing by completing a housing application, contract and medical history form; and submitting a $200 housing deposit. The $200.00 housing deposit serves as a contractual guarantee and as a damage deposit. A full refund of the deposit is made to students who enter the residence halls, fulfill the academic year contract, and elect not to return to Walsh for the next academic year (provided no balance remains on their bill). A full refund of the deposit is also made to students who cancel their room reservation by contacting the Office of Residence Life, in writing, prior to July 1st (preceding the fall semester), or prior to December 1st (preceding the spring semester) for those leaving the institution. Please read the Housing Contract for all the details concerning the Housing Deposit Refund Policy.

Full-time students who are over 23, married or have dependent child(ren) living with them, have lived in a group living environment for eight semesters (excluding summer semesters), live at home with parents or legal guardians within a 50-mile range from Walsh, have been discharged from the armed forces, or have special needs, may request exemption from the on-campus living requirement. All exemptions must be approved in advance by the Housing Review Board. Further information about on-campus living is found in the student handbook.

If you would like to make a Housing Deposit, please contact the Office of Admissions at 330-490-7172 or Click Here

Residence Halls

Menard Hall

Menard Hall (1996) is a four-story residence hall providing comfortable accommodations for about 240 students. Freshman and sophomore student rooms are designed for double-occupancy, and each two-room suite includes a private bathroom with shower. Fully carpeted, the rooms have twin, loftable beds as well as desks, chairs, dressers, sinks, and closets. Menard Hall also features a fitness center, computer lab, common areas and laundry facility.

Betzler Tower

Betzler Tower (2006), located in Menard Hall, offers single rooms, double rooms, and suite style accommodations for upperclass students. Each room is equipped with twin sized loftable beds, dressers, desk, private bathroom and shower, a refrigerator, and a microwave.

Seanor Hall

Seanor Hall (1968) is a three-story residence hall providing comfortable accommodations for about 200 students. This Freshman building features double-occupancy rooms. Each two-room suite includes a private bathroom and shower. Fully carpeted, the rooms have twin, loftable beds as well as desk, chairs, dressers, sinks, and closets. It also features a computer lab, a common area, and a laundry facility.

As many as three students may occupy one double-occupancy room in either Alexis or Menard due to fluctuations in enrollment. Triples are usually a temporary situation with a discount in cost provided.

Lemmon Hall

Lemmon Hall (1995) offers apartment-style suites, complete with kitchenettes. A classroom, community room, computer lab and laundry facilities are located on the first floor.

University Apartments - Brauchler, Meier, Stein Halls

Brauchler (1999), Meier (2000) and Stein (2002) Halls offer apartment style living with a focus on privacy. Each 1,200 square-foot apartment comes with a full kitchen, washer and dryer, three single bedrooms and one double bedroom, and two bathrooms.

The Marie and Ervin Wilkof Towers

The Marie and Ervin Wilkof Towers (2004) offers single-room, double-room, and suite style accommodations for 140 students. Each room is equipped with twin size loftable beds, dressers, desk, a private bathroom and shower, a refrigerator, and a microwave. A computer lab nd laundry machines are also located in this facility.

Olivieri Family Towers

Olivieri Family Towers (2007) offers single-room, double-room, and suite style accommodations for 155 students. Each room is equipped with twin, loftable beds, dressers, desk, desk chair, a private bathroom and shower, a refrigerator, and a microwave.

"The Commons"

"The Commons" (2012) offers apartment-style suites, complete with kitchenettes. The facility features two classrooms, a computer lab, quiet study rooms and laundry facilities.

All first-year, traditional-aged students are required to live in Alexis or Menard Halls, both of which are single gender, alcohol-free, and smoke-free environments. Each living environment is staffed by an undergraduate Resident Assistant. Hall Directors supervise each living area under the supervision of the Chief Housing Officer.

If space permits, private rooms are available in each hall at an additional cost per semester.

Student Conduct System

The mission of the Walsh University Conduct System is to foster a sense of responsibility for personal and community standards through education and personal accountability. This is achieved by consistently reviewing and determining appropriate conduct responses in cases involving violations of federal, state, and local law, as well as University policies and student association regulations. Our conduct process is grounded in the concept of fairness and impartiality, thereby supporting the values of our community by addressing misconduct in a constructive and positive way.  Walsh University expects all members of the campus community to uphold and abide by the moral and educational values of our Judeo-Christian tradition.

Any questions regarding the University’s student conduct process can be forwarded to the Student Affairs Office, David Campus Center, at 330-490-7301. 

Counseling Services

Like everyone, students face difficult life transitions and circumstances, experience painful emotions, and need assistance in developing clear and meaningful goals.  Counseling is a collaborative process that involves the development of a unique, confidential helping relationship.  Counselors act as facilitators to help students better understand themselves and the world around them.  Open and honest discussions of feelings, behaviors, relationships, life experiences, and circumstances with a trained counselor in a non-judgmental, safe, confidential environment enables individuals to grow towards greater freedom in making healthy choices and taking appropriate actions for more satisfying relationships, self-concept, academic progress and life goals.

Counseling Services is staffed by licensed professional clinical counselors and counseling interns trained to help students cope with a wide variety of educational, adjustment, and mental health issues.  Counseling Services is free to all enrolled students.  This office offers a confidential place to discuss concerns when difficult situations arise, when problems seem overwhelming or options appear limited.  Counseling Services staff work with the student to help identify strengths, locate support resources, and to begin a process of change and growth.  Counseling Services staff will respect your values, choices, and lifestyle and will see you as an individual with your own unique strengths and limitations.

Depending on the nature of the concern, counseling may be one session, short term (2-5 sessions) or long term (all semester).  If necessary, appropriate referrals to outside health care professions are made.  Counseling Services is open during Fall and Spring Semesters and follows the Walsh Academic Calendar.  All counseling is discontinued at the end of each semester and students can return in the future if they choose.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is committed to creating an inclusive environment essential for all students' cultural development, personal development and academic success. The office serves as a support system for historically underrepresented students to:

  • Foster a sense of belonging and academic achievement
  • Assist in leadership development
  • Provide resources to Walsh's multicultural student population
  • Facilitate cultural awareness for the entire campus community

The Multicultural Affairs Office is located in the Paul and Carol David Family Campus Center. We encourage all students, faculty and staff to participate in our activities and services.

The International Student Services office provides a welcoming and supportive home for our international students and offers a variety of services and programs to assist students with cultural, academic, and social needs. International Student Services seeks to support the mission of Walsh University in the areas of expanding the international perspective of students, promoting diversity, and facilitating cultural growth and awareness. The office is dedicated to serving the campus community and developing programs to enhance awareness of multiple perspectives. The office aims to provide effective immigration advising and foster a sense of community among international students, while expanding opportunities for international students and Americans to interact both on and off campus. The International Student Services Office is located in the Paul and Carol David Family Campus Center.

International Student Services seeks to support the mission of Walsh University in the areas of expanding the international perspective of students, promoting diversity, and facilitating cultural growth and awareness. The office is dedicated to serving the campus community and developing programs to enhance awareness of multiple perspectives. The office aims to provide effective immigration advising and foster a sense of community among international students, while expanding opportunities for international students and Americans to interact both on and off campus.

The crux of Catholic Campus Ministry, rooted in the sacraments of the Church, is to help students recognize and respond to God's transformative grace in their lives. The office of Campus Ministry is dedicated to modeling Christ's self-giving love in a very practical way and challenging others to do the same. Offering a variety of opportunities for prayer, reception of the sacraments, retreats, service programs and fellowship, Campus Ministry is a safe place where students can grow holistically, mind, body and spirit and discern how God is calling them in a given vocation and profession. Campus Ministry at Walsh University commits to the 6 aspects of Catholic Campus Ministry outlined by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

  1. Forming the Faith Community
  2. Appropriating the Faith
  3. Forming the Christian Conscience
  4. Educating for Justice
  5. Facilitating Personal Development
  6. Developing Leaders for the Future

Campus Ministry embraces diversity of faith and religion and is here to serve students of all faith backgrounds, connecting them to appropriate faith communities.

Campus Ministry also houses the office of student service and outreach, which provides a plethora of service opportunities and experiences for students who wish to dedicate their time and talents to better the community, locally and globally. Campus Ministry, committed to justice, educates and challenges students to be a voice for the voiceless in the world, especially the most vulnerable.

The offices of Campus Ministry are located in the Campus Ministry Center in the St. Katherine Drexel House and in Residence Hall Towers Connector.

Walsh University offers a broad range of commuter student services including commuter student programming, commuter publications, and a Commuter Assistant Mentoring Program. In addition Commuter Student Services supports joint efforts with other departments to meet the special needs of the Walsh commuter student population.

The David Campus Center and the Barrette Business and Community Center are commuter hubs on campus with numerous lounges, TV access, fitness center, Cavalier Cafe, cafeteria, the Grille and more. For further information please contact the Director of Student Activities and Commuter Student Services in the Paul and Carol David Family Campus Center.


The bookstore/gift shop, located in the David Campus Center, sells new and used textbooks, school supplies, books, novelties, gift items, sundries, toiletries, clothing, accessories, and other items. The bookstore offers textbook rentals and digital books. Visit for details. 

The Student Affairs Office issues a photo identification card to every student enrolled in the University. The use of this card is restricted to the student to whom it was issued and should be used for identification purposes only. The student must report the loss or theft of his/her card to the Student Affairs Office and/or Campus Police immediately. Lost or stolen cards must be replaced at the student’s expense. Replacement cards may be obtained in the Student Affairs Office for $10.00. Proper identification may be requested prior to re-taking a photo. The photo identification card is the property of the University and must be surrendered by the student upon request by University officials.

Students are encouraged to request a numbered mailbox at the Campus Center Mail Center.

The Student Affairs Committee governs nonacademic activities. This committee provides input and feedback to student affairs departments and programs and formulates student policies for recommendation and approval by the University Senate and President of the University.

The student handbook provides detailed information about student activities, campus organizations, and University regulations.

The Office of Student Activities (OSA) serves the needs of Walsh University students through providing diverse social and educational programming that enhances the collegiate experience. The office also provides resources and services for Walsh's many student organizations. If you are interested in learning about the extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities at Walsh University, e-mail the Office of Student Activities at

The University Programming Board (UPB) is a student run organization responsible for providing diverse social programming for Walsh University. The organization is comprised of students who design and implement a wide range of programs. These programs include events such as Homecoming, on campus concerts and comedians, outdoor festivals, trips to professional sporting events and much more. If you would like more information or are interested in joining University Programming Board, e-mail

Executive, Senate and Judicial branches provide responsible Student Government, foster student involvement in University governance, serve as forums of student opinion, and serve as liaisons to students, administrators, faculty and staff. Most representatives are elected annually. The Student Government office is in the David Campus Center.

Walsh University Recreation and Wellness is dedicated to our students, faculty and staff by promoting a holistic and value-based approach to a healthy life-style. University Wellness provides campus and community-wide health educational opportunities as well as diverse mind, body, and spirit programming that enhances a whole person’s well-being.

Intramurals offers competitive league play in sports such as flag football, dodgeball, softball, outdoor soccer, 5-on-5 basketball, 3-on-3-basketball, volleyball, kickball and bowling. Each year, participants compete in teams to win the annual Dean’s Cup award for participation throughout the year. Intramurals also sponsors various weekend tournaments, including golf, billiards, table tennis, and corn-hole.

Health Services

Health Services is located in Washington Square at AultmanNow. Healthcare professionals assist students in addressing their health care concerns while they are enrolled at the university. Some health services requested may require additional fees.

Walsh University offers four separate fitness centers. A current Walsh ID, full t-shirt, and clean tennis shoes are required for all fitness center participants.

The Cavalier Fitness Center, located in the Gaetano M. Cecchini Family Health and Wellness Complex, is fully staffed and equipped with free weights and power stations. This fitness center caters to all students, athletic teams, faculty/staff and community clinic participants.

The David Center Fitness Center, located in the Paul & Carol David Campus Center, caters to all students, faculty and staff. Locker and shower rooms are located across the hall within close proximity of the center. 

Betzler and Olivieri Towers Fitness Centers are two residential fitness centers located in, Betzler and Olivieri Towers residence halls. These fitness facilities are available to any residential student living on campus.