Administrative Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

After one written warning to the student, and with appropriate notice of such a practice in the syllabus, an instructor may administratively withdraw a student from a course after unexcused non-attendance in an on-ground course, or unexcused non-participation in an online course, in at least 20% of the specific course schedule per the following schedule:

  • 3-5 week course - after one week
  • 7 or 8 week course - after two weeks
  • 16 week course - after three weeks

The student must receive one written warning from the instructor to the student’s Walsh University email address. Administrative withdrawals will not be permitted after the last day to withdraw from the term (per appropriate term of the Academic calendar) without permission of the Associate Vice President of Academic Administration. Refer to the academic calendar for specific dates. A student who is administratively withdrawn from a class will receive a final grade of W (withdrawal).