Classification of Students

Students are classified at the beginning of each semester on the basis of records filed with the Office of the Registrar. A student's Class Rank is determined based off credit hours earned as outlined below.

Class Rank

Freshmen: 0-29 Credit Hours
Sophomores: 30-59 Credit Hours
Juniors: 60-89 Credit Hours
Seniors: 90+ Credit Hours

Student Type

Students are classified based off of the type of student they are when entering the University. After a student's first semester, he/she's classification will update accordingly:

  • New First Time/Full Time ⇒ Continuing
  • New Graduate Student ⇒ Continuing
  • New Doctorate Student ⇒ Continuing
  • Re-Admit ⇒ Continuing
  • Transfer ⇒ Continuing

Some individuals are admitted to the University under special enrollment and permitted to take any course for which they have had satisfactory preparation as a Non-Degree Seeking Student.

  • Non-Degree Seeking Student
  • Transient Student
  • Post Secondary Student