Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures


Policy Statement

Academic integrity (AI) lies at the heart of student–instructor relationships involving learning, free inquiry, and the search for knowledge and truth. Inspired by the spirit of the Judeo-Christian tradition expressed in the University’s mission statement, Walsh University requires all faculty and students to act honestly, morally, and ethically in the maintenance of professional standards for learning, research, writing, and assessment. To maintain the academic integrity of the University, students are responsible for their own academic work. Academic dishonesty is not acceptable under any circumstances and has repercussions. 

Academic Integrity Repository

A confidential file of student academic integrity violations is kept electronically in the Academic Integrity Repository in the Office of Academic Affairs. Faculty may request a search of the Repository for a student's name to determine if there are any prior offenses. 

Penalties and Sanctions

Violations of academic integrity carry commensurate penalties that vary in severity depending on the nature of the infraction and the student's record of any prior offenses. Sanctions may range from the failure of a specific test or assignment to a reduced course grade, failure of the course, probation, suspension, to dismissal from a program or from the University1. The faculty member, in consultation with the Division Chair, has the initial responsibility to recommend the penalty and impact on a student's grades in a course. After the faculty member and Division Chair or Program Director have made a report, the case is then reviewed by the School Dean. The faculty member is responsible for providing provide all documentation, correspondence, and supporting materials related to violations of academic integrity by submitting an Academic Integrity Violation Form. In the case of dismissal from either a program or the University resulting from unprofessional behavior or an integrity violation, the dismissal will be noted on the student's academic transcript.

1.  Refer to Financial Policies to determine obligation to pay if suspension or expulsion occurs.