Academic Standing Policy and Procedure

Academic Standing (Good Standing, Probation, Dismissal, and Suspension)


A minimum overall grade point average of 2.0 is considered good academic standing for students with sophomore, junior, or senior status. Freshmen are considered to be in good academic standing with a 1.75 overall grade point average. Any student who is under the grade point average required for good academic standing for his/her class will be placed on academic probation at the end of the current semester; however, in cases where the semester grade point average is 1.00 or below the student will be subject to academic suspension. Students who receive an academic suspension may appeal their suspension within two weeks of receipt of their official notification of suspension by submitting a written appeal to the division chair or program director. Appeals submitted after the two week timeframe are not permitted and will result in the appeal being denied.


Students who are on academic probation due to a grade he/she believe was assigned in error should follow the procedures outlined under the Academic Appeal section of this catalog. 

  1. Students with an academic probation standing at the conclusion of any semester are required to enroll in First Year Experience (FYE) 115 for 1 credit hour during their next semester enrolled. 
    1. In the FYE 115 course, students will complete an Academic Recovery Plan.  The plan is designed to support students' actions that will result in progress towards good academic standing. 
    2. In addition, students will be required to partner with one to three Walsh University campus resources to achieve their recovery goals.  A detailed listing of available campus resources and the student/resource meeting requirements will be discussed in the course.  
  2. A student placed on academic probation who has improved the grade point average but not yet achieved good academic standing will be placed on continued probation,
    1. In cases where the semester grade point average is 1.00 or below, the student will be subject to academic suspension or dismissal. Students who are on continued probation for 2 semesters may be subject to suspension.1
      1. Under academic suspension, the student is ineligible to return until at least one semester (excluding summer) has passed and a minimum of six semester hours have been completed at another institution with a grade of "C" or higher.
      2. Under academic dismissal, the student is ineligible to return until three years have passed. Students receiving academic suspension or dismissal and experiencing extenuating circumstances may appeal this decision by following the instructions stated in their academic standing letter.

1. Registrations for subsequent semesters will be canceled for all students who have been suspended or dismissed.