Change of Academic Advisor


Students at Walsh University are assigned a First Year Academic Advisor upon entry into the University. Typically, students begin working with their content academic advisor beginning their sophomore year until graduation. When a student changes their major, a new advisor is automatically assigned to the student as decided by the division chair. Advisor assignments can be viewed in the Cav Center on the Student Profile homepage under "Advisors". Occasionally, a student may request to change their advisor assignment by following the procedure outlined below.


  1. Students must complete the Request for Change of Advisor form online.
  2. The requested advisor and division chair of the student's primary major will need to review and approve the student's request.
  3. Once approved, the Office of the Registrar will be notified to update the advising assignment.
    1. The previous advisor will be notified so all advising records can be transferred to the new advisor.