Credit Hour Policy

Walsh University Credit Hour Definition

The Walsh University definition of a credit hour formalizes compliance with federal and accreditation expectations and helps to provide consistency throughout the University. Walsh adheres to the Carnegie unit of measure for assigning credits to its undergraduate and graduate academic courses. 

  • One credit is equivalent to a minimum of 100 minutes (direct instruction) weekly for a standard 7.5 to 8-week session, for a total of 750 minutes per session.
  • A three credit hour course typically meets for three-100 minute class sessions over 7.5 to 8 weeks for a total of 22.5 class sessions or for two 150-minute class sessions for a total of 15 class sessions over 7.5 to 8 weeks.

This basic measure may be adjusted proportionately to reflect modified academic calendars and for courses and academic activities where direct instruction is not the primary mode of learning, such as online and hybrid courses, laboratory work, independent study, internships, practica, studio work, etc. Credits will be awarded on the basis of documented learning objectives, expected learning outcomes, and student workload expectations within a specified period of academically engaged time. Regardless of the format of course content delivery, course workload expectations must align with the stated learning outcomes for students.

Academic Calendar

A typical Walsh University course follows the standard academic calendar which consists of 32 weeks of instruction for the academic year. Walsh University offers students the option to accelerate their studies by completing an additional two 7-week sessions during the summer semester. Fall and Spring semesters are 16 weeks in length and are comprised of two 8-week sessions, excluding designated university closings.