Pass/Fail Option

Students must designate Pass/Fail courses by the end of the add/drop date indicated by the Academic Calendar.  Pass/Fail courses may not be used for courses in the major and/or minor.  Pass/Fail courses may not be converted to a letter grade at a later date unless it becomes part of a declared program of study through a Declaration of Major or Minor form.  In this event, a student may petition to have the grade changed from P to the grade actually earned in the course.  Students may take up to 12 credit hours as Pass/Fail.  There are specific courses that programs stipulate may only be taken Pass/Fail (credit/no credit) such as internships.  These courses may be taken in addition to the 12 credits elected as Pass/Fail by the student.

If a student passes a Pass/Fail course, the credits count toward the degree but neither credits nor grade are used in calculating the student’s grade point average.  If a student fails a Pass/Fail course, the grade and credits are used in calculating the grade point average, as for any course in which a student earns an F.

This policy is available only for full-time, undergraduate students who have completed 15 credit hours at Walsh University.  This option is not available to students on academic probation or continuing probation.  The Pass/Fail option is not applicable to Global Learning experiences.

Students may opt for no more than one P/F course per semester.