Incomplete Grade Policy (I)

An incomplete "I" grade is issued for a structured course when a student is unable to complete a specific component for the required coursework due to valid personal, professional, health, or family crisis reasons. Incomplete coursework must be completed by the end of the following semester. If the outstanding coursework is not completed at the end of this timeframe, the "I" grade will automatically convert to an "F" unless an exception is granted by the chair/dean. No student will be allowed to graduate with an "I" on their official transcript.

The Request for Incomplete or In-Progress form must be submitted by the instructor with the stipulations outlining the outstanding requirements needed to complete the course. This form must then be approved by the student before the grade of I will be entered by the Office of the Registrar. The form must have been submitted and received all approvals PRIOR to the last day of the term.