Course Override Policy and Procedure


Students wishing to register for a course that has requisites and/or restriction requirements that have not been met may petition to have the restriction overridden to allow for registration through the Cav Center. This applies to both main campus and Degree Completion students.


  1. The student should first attempt to register for their courses through the Cav Center. Any errors received should be discussed with the student's primary academic advisor to determine if the following procedure is appropriate.
    1. The student's academic advisor may suggest an alternate course, or they may suggest following steps 2- 6.
  2. Request for Course Override may be submitted online for the following errors received when attempting to register.
    1. Campus Restriction
    2. Corequisite
    3. Capacity
    4. Class/Level
    5. Degree/Program/Field of Study
    6. Prerequisite/Test Score
  3. The request will be routed to the student's primary advisor for review.
  4. Once approved by the advisor, the appropriate division chair or school dean will review the override being requested.
    1. For capacity override requests, the division chair or school dean may refer the request to the course instructor for review. While the instructor typically has a say in additional students being added to a closed course, certain situations may warrant the division chair to make an executive decision.
      1. It is the responsibility of the departmental figures above to determine whether or not the course meeting location can accommodate the addition of another student as to not surpass the established fire code maximum.
  5. If the request has been approved by the division chair or school dean, the Office of the Registrar will be notified so all appropriate overrides can be entered.
  6. Once the request has been processed, the student will receive an email confirming that the overrides have been entered, at which time, he/she will be able to register for the course. The student MUST register for the course through the Cav Center.
    1. Should a student continue to receive registration errors, he or she should contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance by emailing