Catalog of Entry and Changing Catalog Year

Walsh University requires students to complete curriculum requirements in effect at the time of matriculation to the University. This includes general education, major, minor, concentration, and certificate requirements. 


Students are placed on the catalog year (i.e., program of study) in effect at the time of their entry to the University. All general education, majors, minors, concentrations, and certificates must be in the same catalog. The student’s catalog year does NOT change when the student declares or changes their major/minor/concentration/certificate. Readmitted students should view the Catalog Time Limit Policy for information on when they must update their catalog term to the current semester. Students who officially declare an additional major will follow the same catalog at the time of entry to the University. Though students can request to change catalog year for a variety of reasons, the only instances in which a student's catalog year MUST be updated to the current semester are as follows:

  1. The catalog the student was following has expired. (See Catalog Time Limit Policy)
  2. The student requests to declare another major/minor/concentration/certificate that did not exist at the time of their current catalog.
    1. ​If a student is approved to add a major from a catalog that was enforced after their catalog of entry, they must update all previously declared major/minor/concentration/certificate requirements to those indicated in the current catalog.

The catalog on record can be located in the Cav Center on the Student Profile. All audits for graduation will be completed based off the catalog on record. Students need to review ALL majors, minors, certificates, and general education requirements for the newer catalog year to determine if any requirements are significantly different from those requirements the student has been working towards completing. Some questions to consider include:

  1.  Will the timeline to graduation be significantly extended?
  2.  If I am an athlete, will I still remain eligible with NCAA?
  3.  How many classes have I already taken that will now not be used to meet requirements?
    1. The department may approve substitutions instead if it is in the student's best interest to remain on their catalog of entry.


Students wishing to switch to the current catalog should follow the procedure outlined below.

  1. Students should consult their academic advisor before making the decision to submit an official request.
    1. Changes to a student's catalog year can have a significant impact on progress towards degree completion. 
  2. After discussing with their primary academic advisor, a student may submit the Request to Change Catalog Year online.
  3. The request will be routed to the student's academic advisor for review.
  4. If approved by the student's primary advisor, the electronic form will be routed to the division chair or school dean for review.
  5. If approved, the Office of the Registrar will be notified so the appropriate changes to the catalog on record can be made. Students will receive a notification once their request has been processed and their student record is updated.