General Education (GE)

GE 100  First Year Institute    1 sem. hr.

Focusing on first year traditional-age students, this course emphasizes the academic and social passage into a college environment with particular emphasis upon areas of diversity, information literacy, technology, critical thinking and healthy relationships. Instructors will direct small groups through a series of interactive reading, information gathering, and writing activities. This is a required course for Graduation.

GE 110  Bldg Coll Literacy/Stud Skills    3 sem. hrs.

Survey that introduces students to selected study, testing, and time management skills necessary for successful completion of both core and elective college classes. Two hours per week of in-class coursework through lecture and group-work activities, with special emphasis placed on preparation for reading-intensive courses. Remaining weekly hour to be fulfilled through required tutoring in reading, math, and/or writing skills. Offered every semester.