Project Management (PMM)

PMM 359  Intro to Project Mgmt    3 sem. hrs.

According to a recent study of human resource managers, effective project management is one of the most coveted skills for new hires in the modern economy. This course will introduce you to the power of effective project management through two primary frameworks: waterfall and agile. You will also learn vital project-management concepts that can be applied to a wide range of industries and occupations. This online class has optional live sessions.

PMM 405  Project Planning    3 sem. hrs.

Any successful project starts with a plan. This course provides students with a deep understanding of project planning. Projects are a series of tradeoffs between scope, cost, and time, so you’ll need to learn how to balance them in order to create a plan which is realistic and achievable. You will also learn how to leverage resources, and how to manage risk, quality, and stakeholder expectations to ensure project success. This online class has optional live sessions. Prerequisites PMM 359: PMM I Introduction to Project Management

PMM 405A  II Project Planning    3 sem. hrs.

In today’s fast paced work environment, no project proceeds from beginning to end without encountering unforeseen challenges, and the changing scope, priorities or context of a project may require various adjustments. Additionally, project implementation and closure requires conviction and trust in established processes and personnel. In either context, these are vital parts of a project’s success and are reflections of how future projects will be managed. This course covers project execution, monitoring / control, implementation / handover, DevOps, and project closure. This course is intended to finalize a student’s preparation for their Project Management Practicum and Internship. Prerequisites PMM 359: Intro to Project Mgmt PMM 405: Project Planning

PMM 405B  III Project Planning    3 sem. hrs.

This course is intended as a culmination of a student’s work in the Project Management Major. Students will work in groups to manage a simulated project from scope to completion - encountering - and overcoming - challenges and complications along the way. This course will also provide students with an overview of the product life-cycle, governance, and other topics to help contextualize project work. Prerequisites PMM 359: Intro to Project Mgmt PMM 405: Project Planning PMM 405A: II Project Planning