Art (ART)

ART 102  T1:Visual Order    3 sem. hrs.

T1: Fundamentals of design explored through individual projects done in cut paper, ink and acrylic paint. Concepts covered include compositional balance, focal point, simplification of form, abstraction and use of color. Projects are flexible enough to adapt to individual skills. Offered every fall and spring. Requires additional purchase of art supplies.

ART 103  T1:Drawing I    3 sem. hrs.

T1: Fundamentals of drawing explored through various drawing media and techniques from quick sketches to polished drawings. Concepts covered include compositional layout, proportions, value balance, perspective and use of color. Coursework adaptable to accommodate individual skill levels. Offered every fall and spring.

ART 200-8  T1:Graphic Novels as Art&Liter    3 sem. hrs.

T1: This course focuses on reading, writing about, and creating comics and graphic novels. We will examine the medium's storytelling potential, it's unique visual grammar and the cultural, aesthetic and theoretical contexts of the genre and individual works. This course can be taken to satisfy a T1 requirement in either English Literature or Art/Music. Cross listed as ENG 200-8.

Prerequisites: ENG 102 or HON 103.

ART 201  Painting I    3 sem. hrs.

Fundamentals of painting explored with acrylic paint on canvas. Emphasis on learning a variety of painting techniques and developing successful figure/ground relationships. Students will learn to apply basic color concepts in order to augment the expressive qualities of their work.

Prerequisites: ART 102 and ART 103.

ART 202  T1:Painting II    3 sem. hrs.

Continuation of Painting I.

Prerequisites: ART 102, 103 and 201.

ART 203  Printmaking    3 sem. hrs.

Basic study of printmaking experiences in various techniques of printing applied to present-day methods.

Prerequisites: ART 102, 103 and 201.

ART 205  Drawing II    3 sem. hrs.

Expansion on topics covered in Drawing I with introductions to new media, conceptualized projects and individual artistic expression. More intensive development of shading techniques in both pencil and colored pencil. Portraiture, landscapes and special projects explored.

Prerequisite: ART 103.

ART 220  T1:Special Topics in StudioArt    3 sem. hrs.

Intensive practical instruction in a specific area of applied art. Possible courses include digital art, ceramics, sculpture, watercolor painting, and photography. Some topics may have prerequisites.

ART 220-1  Special Topics in Art    3 sem. hrs.

Intensive practical instructions in a specific area of applied art. Some topics may have prerequisites.

ART 220-3  T1:Watercolors    3 sem. hrs.

Introduction of the history and techinques of paintings in watercolors. Students will use elements of basic drawing, design, composition and color theory to create a portfolio of original paintings centered around a variety of themes. Students will develop a sketchbook, use assorted materials for texture and effect, and learn about types of paint, papers, brushes and mats. Offered every fall and spring.

ART 301  T1:Crafts    3 sem. hrs.

Experiences in designing and working with a variety of craft media including fabric, wood, metal and clay. Next offering TBA.

Prerequisite: ART 102 and 103.

ART 324  T1:Art Education    1 sem. hr.

Study of child development through understanding of visual creative expression and mental growth. Art experiences as related to child's level of development and individual expression.

Prerequisite: ART 102.

ART 401  T1:Graphic Design    3 sem. hrs.

Study of letter and design layout; application of letter forms in layout and illustration. Next offering TBA.

Prerequisite: ART 102 and 103.