Psychology (PSYC)

PSYC 120  T1:FD: Principles of Psych    3 sem. hrs.

This course is an introduction to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Survey of basic topics such as research methods, sensation/perception, learning, mental disorders, psychotherapy. Offered fall and spring semesters.

PSYC 200  T1:Psychology of Violence    3 sem. hrs.

Students will increase their knowledge and understanding of violence treatment and prevention including: pervasive community violence, intimate partner abuse, workplace violence, bullying, maternal filicide, risk assessment of violent youth and clinical and ethical issues in the treatment of violent individuals. Fulfills Tier I requirement. Next offered: TBD.

PSYC 201  Principles of Learning    3 sem. hrs.

Examination of major theories of learning such as classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning. Students will also learn about the theoretical impact on behavior management, education, advertising, and social development. PSYC 120 recommended.

PSYC 202  Adv Principles of Psychology    3 sem. hrs.

Psychology majors will engage with the history of the field, learn strategies to increase critical thinking skills, explore potential careers within the field, and learn about and practice APA style while completing a literature review. Students will also develop their oral presentation skills. Offered every fall and spring semester. Recommended: freshmen or sophomore status.

Prerequisites: PSYC 120 and psychology majors only.

PSYC 204  Cognitive Processes    3 sem. hrs.

Explores mental processes including: stages of information processing (such as pattern recognition, attention, short-term memory, etc.): the representation and organization of knowledge (such as encoding, emotion, memory and self, memory illusion, categorization, semantic memory, etc.); and complex cognitive skills (such as language, concept formation, problem solving, decision-making, etc.). Includes interactive, on-line lab projects. Next offered Fall 2021 and Fall 2023. PSYC 120 recommended.

PSYC 210  T1:DV:FD: HumanDevelAcrossLife    3 sem. hrs.

Normal patterns of growth and change throughout the lifespan. Stages of physical and psychosocial development, including personality, language, cognition, and intelligence. Consideration of research methods and major theories of child and adult development. PSYC 120 recommended. Offered fall and spring semesters.

PSYC 240  Industrial/Organizatio Psyc    3 sem. hrs.

The course is a general survey of the topics in industrial and organizational psychology. This course will provide students with an introduction to the key concepts, theories, and research methods in I/O Psychology. Topics include: job analysis, performance appraisals, recruitment and selection, personnel law, training, motivation, job attitudes, and leadership. The skills and topics covered in this course can help you become a better employee, co-worker, or manager. PSYC 120 Recommended.

PSYC 251  Physiological Psychology    3 sem. hrs.

Physiological foundations of human behavior. Topics include: Neurophysiology and neuroanatomy as foundations for motor and sensory processes, learning, degenerative diseases, and mental illness. Offered fall and spring semesters.

Prerequisite: PSYC 120.

PSYC 305  Personality    3 sem. hrs.

This course explores data, concepts and theories of psychology that contribute to the understanding of personality.

Prerequisites: PSYC 120 and one PSYC course or permission of instructor.

PSYC 307  H1:DV:Cross-Cultural Psych    3 sem. hrs.

Explores human behavior and basic psychological processes in a global perspective; investigates the socio-cultural nature of human beings. From a cross-cultural perspective, considers such topics as: human development and socialization; perceptual and cognitive processes; emotions, motives, beliefs and values; language and communication; aggression and social interaction; enculturation and acculturation; and intercultural relations. Next offered Fall 2023 and Fall 2024

Prerequisite: PSYC 120 or SOC 101.

PSYC 308  Prin of Psychological Testing    3 sem. hrs.

Introduction to major types of psychological tests, emphasizing clinical applications. Assessment of personality, abnormal behavior, intelligence, career goals. Recommended for clinically oriented majors. Recommended: PSYC 305. Next offered: TBA.

Prerequisites: BSC 221.

PSYC 309  H1:Crit Iss in Child/Adol Deve    3 sem. hrs.

This course in child and adolescent psychology reviews relevant aspects of child and adolescent development, examines abnormal psychology from a child and adolescent perspective, explores therapy techniques used with this segment of the population, structures assessment techniques of the young and considers the ethics of treating minors. PSYC 210 recommended.

Prerequisites: PSYC 120 or SOC 101.

PSYC 321  Experimental Psychology    3 sem. hrs.

Reinforcement of research methods and statistics with emphasis on conducting and evaluating controlled experiments. Course includes practical experience in collecting data, computing statistical measures, and interpreting results. All students will individually write an APA-style research paper. Offered fall and spring semesters.

Prerequisites: SOC 220, BSC 221; Must have a C or better in BSC 221.

PSYC 340  H1:DV:TH1: Addictions    3 sem. hrs.

Explores the major concepts of addiction, including the controversial application of the addiction paradigm to eating, sex, work, gambling, and other compulsive behaviors. Examines addiction as a multifaceted problem involving biological, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual factors. Explores the assessment and treatment of addiction. Recommended for clinically oriented majors. Next offered: Every spring semester.

Prerequisites: PSYC 120 or SOC 101 and junior status.

PSYC 350  Special Topics in Psychology    3 sem. hrs.

This course focuses on the intersection between the discipline of psychology and the criminal justice system. Throughout the course, students will explore aspects of human behavior directly related to the legal process such as eyewitness identification and testimony, interrogations and confessions, jury decision making, competency to stand trial, and the insanity defense. This course will add to the foundation of knowledge for students interested in psychology, law, criminal justice, and related fields.

PSYC 350-1  ST: Forensic Psychology    3 sem. hrs.

The course explores an overview of forensic psychology and the role of the psychologist with the courts. Topics will include forensic evaluation, not guilty by reason of insanity, amenability to treatment, and treatment in lieu of jail. Next offered Fall 2022 and Fall 2023.

PSYC 350-2  TH2: Health Psychology    3 sem. hrs.

Health psychology focuses on the psychological and behavioral factors that contribute to physical health and illness. The course will address health beliefs, health behaviors, stress, pain, and chronic illness. Next offered: Fall 2023

PSYC 401  DV: TH1: Abnormal Psychology    3 sem. hrs.

Explores the definition, assessment and diagnostic (DSM) categories of abnormal behavior and the characteristics, biopsychosocial explanations and treatments of major mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Recommended for clinically oriented majors. Offered fall and spring semesters.

Prerequisites: PSYC 251 or Biology major or permission of instructor.

PSYC 426  DV:Group Process    3 sem. hrs.

Exploration of group dynamics and group facilitation emphasizing basic concepts and definitions; selection and structuring; stages of group development; leadership styles and functions; ethical and legal issues. Coursework involves experiential group activities.

Prerequisites: 200- or 300-level PSYC course.

PSYC 460  H3:Senior Research Project    3 sem. hrs.

Students will complete a full research project under faculty supervision culminating in a research paper written in APA-style. Offered each semester.

Prerequisites: BSC 430 and Psychology majors.

PSYC 490  Independent Study    1-3 sem. hrs.

Offered every semester. Requires approval by Program Director and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Offered on an as-needed basis.