Professional Sales (PSL)

PSL 229  Negotiations in Bus & Sales    3 sem. hrs.

You negotiate not only in business settings but also in your daily life. In business, negotiations are key elements of a corporation’s strategies and plans. In your personal life, negotiations play the very same role - you negotiate where to eat dinner with your friends, what house to buy or rent with your partner, and where you want to go on vacation with the family. This course focuses on how to conduct and become more skilled at negotiating, while providing an understanding of the underlying basic principles of negotiation.

PSL 401  Relationship-Driven Prof Selli    3 sem. hrs.

This course will not just teach you about selling, it will teach you how to sell. This experiential learning-based course will provide you with best practice models of selling. It will cover selling from prospecting through relationship building, and through the use of role-plays and other experiential activities it will equip the student with the fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in a professional selling position.

PSL 403  Sales and Leadership    3 sem. hrs.

Effective sales leadership requires a mastery of the “hard” analytical skills as well as the “soft” skills for effective management and coaching. This course is designed to be a “learning laboratory” for exploring key sales and management concepts related to the sales function and that of the sales manager in the firm. We will focus on developing hands-on analytical and management coaching skills through the use of business case studies and articles and active hands-on practice. This course is comprised of three modules: Data Analysis and Evaluation; Sales Coaching; and Decision-Making for Sales Leaders.

PSL 404  Adv Relat-Driven Prof Selling    3 sem. hrs.

Effective relationship-driven sales success requires a mastery of the basic sales process covered in the first sales course, but more importantly, it requires a higher and deeper level of “thinking” through the sales approach as a master planner, listener, negotiator, and partner. This course is designed to pick up where we left off in Relationship-Driven Professional Selling with a focus on the planning and research necessary to be a credible and compelling salesperson. Additionally, this course will tackle the advanced topics of team selling, negotiating, and leveraging account development activities through a focus on hands-on activities, written assignments, and case simulations.