Economics (ECON)

ECON 203  T1:Global Microeconomics    3 sem. hrs.

This course introduces the concepts and principles of the microeconomic theory including individual and social choices, supply and demand, types of market structures, cost analysis, and the allocation of resources in both global and domestic economic settings. Offered fall and spring semesters.

ECON 204  Global Macroeconomics    3 sem. hrs.

This course introduces the concepts and principles of macroeconomic theory including economic growth and development, distribution of wealth, unemployment, inflation, and monetary and fiscal policy with emphasis on the global economic environment. Offered fall and spring semesters.

ECON 205  T1:DV:Intro to Economics    3 sem. hrs.

Introduction to concepts of micro- and macroeconomics. The course introduces student to those principles essential to an understanding of fundamental economic problems and the alternative policies society may use to contend with these problems. The overall emphasis is on developing the student's ability to reason accurately and objectively about economic matters and to arouse a lasting interest in economics. Offered fall and spring semesters.

ECON 210  T1:Personal Finance    3 sem. hrs.

This course introduces students to the process of developing sound spending, financing and investing skills to make proper financial decisions encountered in everyday life and build financial security and wealth. Topics in basic financial planning, personal financing, insurance and risk, measures to avoid identity theft, basic assets, taxes, credit, investments, retirement and estate planning. Available to Non-Business majors only. Offered fall semester.

ECON 301  H2b:DV:Global Econ Perspect    3 sem. hrs.

This course deals with the comparative economic systems and their theories: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and other continents, and the United States. Offered fall semester of odd numbered years.

Prerequisite: ECON 204 or ECON 205.

ECON 310  Economics of Sports in America    3 sem. hrs.

This course applies economic theory and analysis to American professional sports franchises, leagues, and other affiliated institutions. Topics include labor relations and antitrust issues, market structure of professional sprots, public financing of sports venues, player relations, draft systems, player contracts and compensation, free agency, league expansion and analytics. Offered TBD as needed.

ECON 312  Money, Banking/Monetary Pol    3 sem. hrs.

This course studies the nature of money and monetary systems, monetary theory, and its function and relationship between money, prices, and level of income; recent monetary developments in the United States; nature of banking and credit; and the structure and operations of commercial banks and the Federal Reserve System. Offered spring semester.

Prerequisite: ECON 202, ECON 204 or 205.

ECON 320  International Trade/Finance    3 sem. hrs.

This course deals with the principles, problems and policies of international economic relations with an emphasis on the United States. The course also covers the international aspects of trade and finance. Offered fall semester of even years.

Prerequisite: ECON 204, ECON 205 or BCPII Status.

ECON 322  Public Finance    3 sem. hrs.

This course deals with the financial analysis of the private and public sectors of the economy. Emphasis of the course is on a thorough understanding of fiscal institutions with careful analysis of economic issues underlying the budget policy. Offered spring semester of odd years.

Prerequisites: ECON 202, ECON 204 or ECON 205.