Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD)

OTD 701  Critical Appraisal of Literatu    3 sem. hrs.

This course provides an overview of all phases of research used to inform occupational therapy practice. This includes both quantitative and qualitative research design, data analysis, and interpretation. The course includes practical application in assessing the reliability and validity of diagnostic tests, standardized assessments, outcome measures, and qualitative coding processes.

OTD 702  Evidence-Informed Clinical Pra    3 sem. hrs.

Apply the information gained from OTD 701 to implement an effective systematic search for published literature, complete article appraisals, and use critical thinking to make conclusions about the implementation of evidence into practice. Assess available best practice guidelines and relevant research to integrate findings into current clinical practice. Prerequisite: OTD 701

OTD 711  Community & Cultural-Based Occ    3 sem. hrs.

Explore areas of occupational therapy practice related to addressing health promotion, spirituality, wellness, and service in the community. Individual students will integrate principles of cultural competence with an analysis of available community resources for underserved and/ or marginalized populations to develop a program proposal for community-based practice. Students will locate relevant funding sources to support the program.

OTD 712  Innovative Practice in Occupat    3 sem. hrs.

This course explores entrepreneurship within the occupational therapy profession through expanding current models or creating new revenue streams. Identify innovative ways to market unique interests and/or skills as an occupation-based practitioner. Topics covered include alternative and emerging practice areas, business planning, marketing ideas, and administrative responsibilities.

OTD 721  Neuroscience of Behavior    3 sem. hrs.

In this course, students will reflect on professional clinical experiences to re-examine functional neuroanatomy, the impact of trauma on brain function, and sensory processing related to higher order cognitive functions and client behaviors. Students will then develop a plan to integrate recent evidence regarding best practices for neurodiversity into clinical practice.

OTD 722  Clinical Leadership, Ethics, &    3 sem. hrs.

In this course, students will explore various leadership theories and identify appropriate uses within diverse organizational settings. Students will develop competencies in identifying and analyzing ethical and psychosocial factors impacting current clinical practice. Students will explore service opportunities within OOTA, AOTA or other professional organizations. Students will integrate course concepts into an individualized professional development plan.

OTD 730  Clinical Teaching & Instructio    3 sem. hrs.

In this course, students will gain insight into the teaching and learning process for various populations. Students will explore the needs of diverse learners, various learning styles, and implement Boyer’s Scholarship of Teaching into clinical practice. They will use these skills to modify current teaching methods to clients using differentiated instruction. Students will integrate knowledge of teaching and learning styles creating educational modules for clinicians and/or students. Finally, students will evaluate personal supervision styles and develop a plan to provide differentiated instruction based on the needs of the client/supervisee.

OTD 732  Capstone Process & Proposal    3 sem. hrs.

In this course, students will examine potential topics for the capstone project, which will include program development & implementation (in Capstone I OTD 740) or development of a fourteen-hour (2 day) CEU. Students then develop a proposal for the capstone project based on clinical experience and interests. As part of this course, students will complete a literature review relevant to the approved capstone proposal.

OTD 740  Capstone I    3 sem. hrs.

In this course, students will build on their capstone proposal to develop the full project. They will update literature review with any new relevant articles since capstone proposal. Students will fully develop and implement the capstone project and collect data. Prerequisites: OTD 701, OTD 702, OTD 711, OTD 712, OTD 721, OTD 722, OTD730

OTD 742  Capstone II    3 sem. hrs.

In this course, students will finalize their capstone project. Students will analyze the outcomes of their implemented project, complete a capstone paper, and present findings to peers and faculty. Prerequisite: OTD 740

OTD 750  Spirituality in Occupational T    1 sem. hr.

In this course, students will engage in a cross-cultural exploration of spirituality as a client factor and its influence in areas of occupation. Reflection on student’s personal definition and beliefs about spirituality will be included. Students will develop basic knowledge of integrating spirituality into a comprehensive plan of care for clients, case studies, and other exploratory methods will be incorporated to assist students in using clinical reasoning skills.

OTD 751  Health Policy and Advocacy    1 sem. hr.

In this course, learners will discuss advocacy for self, clients, and the OT profession. Students will explore national, state, and local policies related to healthcare practice. Additionally, students will locate resources for providers to use to advocate for changes in policies that influence healthcare and create a specific advocacy plan related to a topic of interest.

OTD 752  Transition to Academia    1 sem. hr.

This course will introduce occupational therapists to the world of academia and the process of transitioning from clinical practice to teaching in an occupational therapy program. Students will reflect on their clinical experiences, develop a detailed curriculum vitae and teaching philosophy. Students will gain a basic understanding of course design including syllabus writing objectives, assignments, and assessments.