Museum Studies (MS)

MS 101  Introduction to Museum Studies    3 sem. hrs.

The course provides an introduction to the history, purpose, and mission of museums. Students examine the relationship of the object with the visitor to create the museum experience. The course presents the basics of administration, collections care, curatorial work, education, and marketing. Offered every fall semester.

MS 201  Public History Practicum    3 sem. hrs.

Students participate in a hands-on learning experience at either the Hoover Historical Center (History track students) or the Birk Center for the Arts (Arts track students). Students learn the basics of objects care, cataloguing, exhibition design, tour techniques, daily operations, public relations, and special events coordination. Offered every fall and spring.

Prerequisite: MS 101.

MS 225  Intro to Archives/Records Mgt    3 sem. hrs.

Introduction to the theory and practice of preserving and cataloguing archival materials and artifacts. Students receive both classroom and hands-on instruction. Offered periodically on rotation.

MS 301  Museum Studies Internship I    3 sem. hrs.

Students are placed as an intern at an area art, history, or science museum; library; or other non-profit organization that manages cultural material. Offered every semester.

Prerequisites: MS 101, a minimum grade of B- in MS 201, junior standing, and permission of the Division of Fine and Performing Arts.

MS 302  Museum Studies Internship II    3 sem. hrs.

Continuation of MS 301 internship. Offered every semester.

Prerequisites: MS 301, Junior standing, and permission of the Division of Fine and Performing Arts.

MS 320  Museums of Rome (In Rome)    3 sem. hrs.

This course approaches the history, culture, and arts of Rome through site visits to museums, churches, public spaces and monuments, and archaeological parks. Offered periodically on the Rome Experience.

Prerequisites: Permission of the Division of Fine and Performing Arts.

MS 325  Exhibition Design    3 sem. hrs.

Focuses on designing and installing exhibitions in the Birk Center for the Arts. Offered most fall and spring semesters.

Prerequisites: MS 101 and 201.

MS 330  Museum Education    3 sem. hrs.

This course examines the theory and practice of bridging museum collections with visitors through effective interpretation and programming. Topics include docent training, accessibility, programming for schools and teachers, in-gallery experiences, web-based educational programming, and off-site outreach programs. Offered periodically on rotation.

Prerequisites: MS 101 and MS 201.

MS 390  Museum Admin & Leadership    3 sem. hrs.

This course approaches museum management in a holistic manner with a focus on leadership. The various roles of museum administrators, and the skills needed for success in these roles, are highlighted. Topics include management of fiscal resources; care of facilities, historic structures, and grounds; personnel and human resources; public relations within both the museum community and the community at-large; and relationships with boards and trustees. Offered periodically on rotation.

Prerequisites: MS 101 and 201.

MS 401  Seminar in Museology    3 sem. hrs.

Provides in-depth focus on the history and theory of museum practice, as well as contemporary issues in the museum profession, including professional issues and the public role and responsibilities associated with ethical and responsible museum management. Offered every fall semester.

Prerequisites: Senior standing and MS 101.

MS 402  Capstone Independent Study    3 sem. hrs.

Combines elements from internship with knowledge from 401 to create a professional product that contributes to the operations of the internship institution by applying theoretical knowledge to a practical problem or concern. Offered every spring semester.

Prerequisites: Senior standing and completion of all other MS courses.

MS 415  Senior Internship    3-6 sem. hrs.

Provides students additional opportunities for internships.

Prerequisites: Permission of the Chair, Division of Humanities.

MS 475  Rest,Cons,Pres(IntPresStCtr)    3-9 sem. hrs.

Hands-on, intensive professional workshops offered at the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies in Mount Carroll, IL.