Peace Studies (PEAC)

PEAC 201  H1:TH1:SL: IntrotoPeaceStudies    3 sem. hrs.

This is a general introduction to peace studies. It provides a survey of key issues in the study of war, violence, peace ideas and actions including nonviolence as a philosophy and as a technique of action and social change. It looks at how aggression and violence begins -e.g., between individuals groups and societies, within and between nations. It also introduces key concepts in peace studies (positive and negative peace, structural and direct violence and conflict). Offered every Fall.

PEAC 301  H3:Conflict Resolution    3 sem. hrs.

This course examines the resolution of conflicts in theory and in practice, ranging from interpersonal to broader social and global conflicts. Students are introduced to the various models in conflict resolution and their correlative mechanisms for conflict resolution such as negotiation, mediation, and nonviolent resistance. Offered every Spring.