Global Learning (GL)

GL 101  Intro to GlobalLearning Module    0 sem. hrs.

Understanding global learning through an interconnected world. Students will explore their own worldview through learning about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching and building knowledge about other cultures and global governance.

GL 125  Foundations of Global Learning    3 sem. hrs.

This course will focus on enhancing the learning of your global experience in Rome, Italy. This course will foster opportunites for students to better understand and reflect on the learning that takes place with a study abroad program. During the semester, we will access tools to assist in identifying cultural patterns, differences, similarities and values. While in Italy, students are asked to analyze their experience and personal growth, which will depend on your engagement in learning before, during and after your time in Rome, Italy. This couse is not meant to deal with logistics or practical issues about studying in Rome (i.e. packing, money, etc.). We are happy to answer questions regarding practical issues to studying in Rome during orientations and pre-departure meetings.

GL 200  Blouin Colloquium    1 sem. hr.

The Blouin Colloquium is a required 1-hr/week integrative sessions required for members of the Blouin Global Scholars. The colloquium reinforces connections between curriculum and the Blouin Global Scholars cohort theme. Offered as a S/U. Students must be Blouin Global Scholars to enroll.

GL 250  Living out the Mission    3-6 sem. hrs.

This Global Learning course considers in a variety of ways the hope that is God's revelation in Christ. The course takes students on a roughly two-week-long journey to Uruguay. While in Uruguay, students and their faculty will assist the Brothers of Christian Instruction, whose ministry in Uruguay serves underprivileged children. In advance of the global experience, students will meet on Walsh's campus to share, discuss, and reflect on a variety of readings that ask us to imagine God's will of a united family, even as we understand that God expresses His will through the diversity of that family. Students will: connect the diversity of human experience to God's revelation of hope in Christ; better grasp the special place of the poor and of children in God's revelation; articulate interpretations of experiences and of course texts alongside professor and peers; move skillfully between reflection, creation, and analysis verbally, in writing, and in person.

GL 301  H2b:Culture, Africa, Resources    3 sem. hrs.

This course explores the central issues and debates in subSaharan Africa. The objectives of the course are to give students a broad appreciation for the cultural and historical diversity of the region, the resource rich environment and how this impacts modern society around the world. In media and in popular representations, Africa is frequently portrayed as a place of poverty, conflict, and dependence. The course will aim to contextualize the problems and counter the narratives about Africa by exploring the resilience and rich cultural life on the continent. Students will study a specific country in Africa as a case for understanding the resources, culture and social/political atmosphere of the region.. A contemporary novel, current news articles, and selections from popular African cinema and music will support student learning for the course

GL 350  Rome Experience    3-6 sem. hrs.

The Rome Experience invites students to become part of a global learning community. This is not a “course” – it is a program and an experience. There are no “teachers” and “students” but rather a community of learners who live, study, and work together to try to address some the problems of the modern world, using Rome as the case study, classroom, and laboratory. Students will be expected to become full members of this community, lending thoughts and ideas to thetopics addressed, while also reflecting on their own place in the “community of mankind.” Students have the option of completed up to two portfolios for Heritage Series credit. Course only offered to participants in the Walsh University Rome Experience.

GL 360  DV:H1:Undrstndng Modern Africa    3 sem. hrs.

This course will examine the issues, problems and successes of Africa in the 21st century. Key themes will include economic, social and political realities by reviewing historical contexts. The course will review colonialism, healthcare, pop culture, education, food and famine, war and reconciliation and contemporary politics. The course will examine local and global influences and the role they play in modern Africa.

GL 400  H3:SL:The Blouin Capstone    3 sem. hrs.

This experience serves as an integrative culmination of the cohort’s selected theme (e.g. food, hunger & sustainability; education, opportunity & equity). During this immersive global experience, students will use the city as their classroom and study their cohorts theme through site visits, service learning, and a course text. Connecting, experimenting, and reflecting on how the global problem students are studying impacts the communities and civic life in that location. Students will work through the course, solving an open-ended problem as a cohort and presenting a solution through interdisciplinary understanding. Students are expected to become full members of this community experience, lending thoughts and ideas to the topics addressed, while also reflecting on their own place in the “community of mankind.”