Graphic Design (GD)

GD 295  Graphic Design    3 sem. hrs.

An introduction to concept, tools, and history of Graphic Design. Cross listed as COM 295. Offered every fall.

Prerequisite: None.

GD 296  Graphic Design II    3 sem. hrs.

Studio course that examines the formal organization of 2D design with an emphasis on the letter form. History, theory and application of typography are explored through lectures, exercises and projects. Cross listed as COM 296 (formerly ART 395). Offered every spring.

Prerequisite: GD 295 or COM 295.

GD 385  Special Topics in Graphic Desi    3 sem. hrs.

Intensive study and application of a particular aspect of Graphic Design.

GD 397  Graphic Design III    3 sem. hrs.

Advanced studio course utilizing basic 2D layout with an emphasis on concept development and creative problem-solving. Branding, identity design and 3D design are introduced. Offered every fall.

Prerequisite: GD 296 or COM 296.

GD 398  Graphic Design IV    3 sem. hrs.

Advanced studio course with continued emphasis on concept and creative problem solving in a professional context. Students apply design concepts to various media including print, interactive and web. Offered every spring.

Prerequisite: GD 397.

GD 404  Graphic Design Workshop    1-3 sem. hrs.

A studio course to further develop a student's design skills. Students can take the course to further the development of their portfolio and/or to address gaps in skills in knowledge. Graphic Design majors and minors only.