eSports Management (ESM)

ESM 150  Introduction to Game    3 sem. hrs.

This course provides students with a broad overview of the games industry. It covers the state of the industry, the societal impact of games, and the fundamentals of game creation. Additionally, students will explore the different genres of games and improve their understanding of the heuristics and aesthetics of play.

ESM 242  Intro to eSports Management    3 sem. hrs.

Intro to eSports Management starts with an introduction to the history of competitive gaming and continues with an exploration of its emerging ecosystem. Students will learn the complexities involved in understanding the dynamics of the eSports industry and all of its stakeholders from gamers to billion-dollar media companies. We will dive into each element of this value chain and provide you with insight on the inter operations of all companies included in the landscape of eSports.

ESM 343  Conv-Event & Trade Show Plan    3 sem. hrs.

One of the major ways in which games are marketed to consumers is the convention. Shows like the Tokyo Game Show, PAX and E3 attract audiences ranging from 60,000 - 300,000 and serve as one of the best opportunities for game studios to generate excitement and favorableword-of-mouth for upcoming projects. Successfully executing a company presence at one of these shows require a working understanding of budgeting, goal-setting, demo creation,logistics, staffing, merchandising, and ROI evaluation, all topics covered in this course.

Prerequisites: ESM 242.

ESM 411  Distribution of Games    3 sem. hrs.

The role of a publisher in the games industry is to ensure that a game can get in front of its audience successfully. To do that, a publisher must consider a variety of distribution strategies and channels. This course explains the role of a publisher in game distribution and details the various channels by which a game can be distributed. This course is required for students majoring in Business Administration in Esports & Gaming and is recommended as an elective for Supply Chain Management and Marketing students who meet the necessary prerequisites.

Prerequisites: ESM 242.