Professional Aviation (B.S.)

*Effective Spring 2024, the Bachelor of Science Professional Aviation degree is available to undergraduate/post-baccalaureate students who enter the University beginning Spring 2024, or have officially advanced their catalog of record to 2023-2025. 



Area 1: American Winds-Aviation Academic Courses (18 Credit Hours)
AV 350Advanced Aerodynamics3
AV 351Advanced Aircraft Systems3
AV 352Adv. Aircraft Familiarization3
AV 353Aviation Weather3
AV 354Crew Resource Management3
AV 355Federal Aviation Regulations3
AV 450Fundamentals of Instruction (Optional)3
Area 2: Choose One Area of Focus, A or B (15 Credit Hours)
A: Business (Focus on Management/Marketing)
BUS 233Principles of Marketing3
BUS 234TH1:CIT: Principles of Mgmt3
BUS 361Project Management3
BUS 430Digital Marketing3
PSYC 240Industrial/Organizatio Psyc3
B: Business (Focus on Accounting/Analytics)
BUS 207Financial Accounting3
BUS 208Managerial Accounting3
BUS 232FD: Business Statistics3
BUS 364Business Research & Analytics3
PSYC 240Industrial/Organizatio Psyc3
Area 3: Humanities for Professionals- *Required Courses for ATP Restricted License (34 Credit Hours)
BUS 106Introduction to Excel3
CHEM 398Premier Skills/Professionalism0.5
COM 211Speech3
COM 212Interpersonal Communication3
ENG 101Exploration of Self3
GFA 245TH1:DV:TheLawandtheLegalSystem3
HIST 304History of Aviation3
MATH 104Algebra II3
or MATH 121 Intro to Stats and Analytics
NS 104T1:FD:Physical Science3
PSYC 120T1:FD: Principles of Psych3
or SOC 101 T1:FD:Principles of Sociology
Any of the following courses at the 200+ level: HIST/GFA/PHIL/THEO/ARHI/ART/MUS/ENG3
Area 4: American Winds-FAA Certification Courses
AV 100Private Pilot Ground3
AV 100LPrivate Pilot Flight (Lab)1
AV 200Instrument Rating Ground3
AV 200LInstrument Rating Flight (Lab)1
AV 300Commercial Pilot Ground3
AV 3001LCommercial Pilot Flight 11
AV 3002LCommercial Pilot Flight 20
AV 3003LCommercial Pilot Flight 31
Elective Ground: AV 310/AV 400/AV 410/AV 4203
Elective Flight: AV 310L/AV 400L/AV 410L/AV 420L1
Elective Ground/Flight Options-Choose 1 Option Below
Option 1
AV 310Comm Pilot Add Class Ground3
AV 310LComm. Pilot Add. Class Flight1
Option 2
AV 400Cert. Flight Instructor Ground3
AV 400LCert. Flight Instructor Flight1
Option 3
AV 410Cert.Flight Instrument Instruc3
AV 410LCert.Flight Instrument Flight1
Option 4
AV 420Cert. Multi Engine Instructor3
AV 420LCert.Multi Engine Flight1