Computer Science - (A.S.)

Computer Science (A.S.)

Basic Core English:
ENG 102Read/Writing Connections3
Philosophy Credit:
PHIL Elective3
Theology Credit:
THEO Elective3
Fine Arts Credit:
ART/MUS Elective3
Social Science/ Economics/History: Choose one of the following:3
ECON Elective
GFA Elective
HIST Elective
PSYC Elective
SOC Elective
Computer Science Credit:
CS 111Intro to Obj-Oriented Program3
CS 212Intro Object-Oriented Prg II3
CS 221Database Techniques3
CS 306Computer Organization3
CS 200 level or above3
CS 200 level or above3
CS 200 level or above3
Mathematics/Natural Science: Choose one option below
Option 1
MATH 221Statistics ( & MATH ELECTIVE 155 or higher)3
Option 2 (choose one)
MATH 210ACalculus I3
MATH 211Calculus II3
MATH 310ACalculus III3
MATH 311ACalculus IV3
Option 3: Choose 2 Science courses w/ labs (8 hours)
Electives (13-16 hours)