Chemistry (B.S.)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Equilibrium, Structure of Materials, Quantum Mechanics, Synthesis, Reactivity of Substances and Green Chemistry.
  2. Students will use critical thinking by demonstrating the ability to recognize the components of a problem, formulate a strategy to solve the problem, apply comprehensive scientific knowledge to execute a solution and then evaluate the effectiveness of the solution.
  3. Students will demonstrate communication skills reflective of professional standards in chemistry consistent with the American Chemical Society.
  4. Students will demonstrate discipline-specific core laboratory and calculation- based skills related to the synthesis and characterization of compounds and common methods of chemical analysis.
  5. Students will demonstrate readiness for post-baccalaureate entry into a workforce or advancement (entrance) into graduate or professional programs in Chemistry.
  6. Students will demonstrate global perspective in their understanding of how chemistry affects economics, health, technology and the environment.



CHEM 101FD:T1:Princ of Chemistry I3
CHEM 101LPrinciples of Chemistry I: Lab1
CHEM 102Principles of Chemistry II3
CHEM 102LPrinciples of Chemistry II:Lab1
CHEM 198Chem Career Seminar IA0.5
CHEM 199Chem Careers Seminar 1B0.5
CHEM 201Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 201LOrganic Chemistry I: Lab1
CHEM 202Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 202LOrganic Chemistry II: Lab1
CHEM 298Chemistry Seminar IIA0.5
CHEM 299Chemistry Seminar IIB0.5
CHEM 303Modern Analytical Chem3
CHEM 303LModern Analytical Chem Lab1
CHEM 305Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM 310Found of Physical Chem4
CHEM 390DV:Chemistry Internship3
CHEM 398Chemistry Seminar IIIA1
CHEM 415LIntegrated Lab Experience I2
CHEM 416LIntegrated Laboratory Exp II2
CHEM 417LInteg Lab Experience III2
CHEM 450Environmental Chemistry3
CHEM 460Materials Chemistry3
CHEM 470Nano and Fuel Chemistry3
CHEM 498Chemistry Career Seminar0.5
CHEM 499Chemistry Career Seminar0.5
MATH 207Calculus I5
MATH 208Calculus II4
PHYS 201Physics with Calculus I3
PHYS 201LPhysics with Calculus I: Lab1
PHYS 202Physics with Calculus II3
PHYS 202LPhysics with Calculus II: Lab1
Total Hours66

All courses required in the major must be completed with a "C-" or better in order to satisfy the major.  Incoming students need to place into MATH 104 in order to enroll in BIO 101 and MATH 155 to enroll in CHEM 101.

Students may elect to take research hours or course electives in special topics in they wish.