Clinical Laboratory Science 4+1 Track (B.S.)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of discipline- specific content related to macro- principles describing the 3 domains of biology and the molecular nature of life.
  2. Students will use critical thinking by demonstrating the ability to recognize the components of a problem, formulate a strategy to solve the problem, apply comprehensive scientific knowledge to execute a solution and then evaluate the effectiveness of the solution.
  3. Students will demonstrate communication skills reflective of professional standards consistent biology-related associations (i.e.FASEB).
  4. Students will demonstrate discipline- specific core laboratory and calculation- based skills related to the characterization and classification of life forms, their components and habitats and in the molecular analysis of living species.
  5. Students will demonstrate readiness for post-baccalaureate entry into a workforce or acceptance into graduate or professional programs in Biology and/or health professions.
  6. Students will demonstrate global perspective in their understanding of how biological factors affect economics, health, technology and the environment.



BIO 101T1:Principles of Biology I3
BIO 101LPrinciples of Biology I: Lab1
BIO 102Principles of Biology II3
BIO 102LPrinciples of Biology II: Lab1
BIO 200Medical Terminology1
BIO 206Microbiology3
BIO 206LMicrobiology: Lab1
BIO 211Anatomy and Physiology3
BIO 211LAnatomy & Physiology Lab1
BIO 304Immunology3-4
BIO/CHEM 307Essential Biochemistry3-4
BIO 402DV:Genetics3-4
BIO/CHEM Electives1-4
BIO/CHEM elective(s) 300-level or higher; 2 credits minimum of BIO/CHEM 411/412; BIO/CHEM 390 counts
CHEM 101T1: Principles of Chemistry I3
CHEM 101LPrinciples of Chemistry I: Lab1
CHEM 102Principles of Chemistry II3
CHEM 102LPrinciples of Chemistry II:Lab1
CHEM 110LGen Org/Biochem II: Lab1
CHEM 221Essentials of Organc Chemistry4
MATH 155Elementary Functions I3
or MATH 156 Elementary Functions II
MATH 221Statistics3
PHIL 304H3:Bioethics3
Total Hours49-55

Student also must fulfill requirements of hospital-based program. See Division Chair for program details.