Computer Engineering Program (3+2, B.S-Computer Science Programming Track/M.S.-Computer Engineering)



Computer Science Programming
CS 108Found of Computer Science I3
CS 111Intro to Obj-Oriented Program3
CS 112Introduction to Networking3
CS 114Introduction to Cybersecurity3
CS 212Intro Object-Oriented Prg II3
CS 220Discrete Patterns for Comp Sci3
CS 221Database Techniques3
CS 298Computer Sci Career Seminar I1
CS 306Computer Organization3
CS 425Software Engineering I3
CS 426Software Engineering II3
CS 498CS Career Seminar II1
Mathematics Minor
MATH 210ACalculus I3
MATH 211Calculus II3
MATH 310ACalculus III3
MATH 311ACalculus IV3
MATH 313Linear Algebra I3
MATH 410Elem Differential Equations3
PHYS 201Physics with Calculus I3
PHYS 101LPrinciples of Physics I: Lab1
PHYS 202Physics with Calculus II3
PHYS 102LPrinciples of Physics II: Lab1
Computer Engineering (Year 4 at University of Dayton)
ECE 201 Circuit Analysis3
ECE 201L Circuit Analysis Lab1
ECE 215 Introduction to Digital Systems3
ECE 215L Digital Systems Lab1
ECE 203 Introduction to MatLab1
ECE 303 Signals and Systems3
ECE 340 Engineering Probability and Random Process3
ECE 501 Contemporary Digital Design3
_____ CPS Core Course or Course from Concentration3
CS 385Computer Science Internship (summer after Walsh preferred)3
ECE 334 Discrete Signals and Systems3
ECE 532 Emedded Systems3
_____ CPS Core or Course from Concentration3
_____ Course from Concentration3
_____ General Education Course Counting for Walsh3
_____ General Education Course Counting for Walsh3
Total for Summer, Fall and Spring of Year 442

*Math and Science requirements in major also fulfill core requirements; Math 155 and Math 156 are prerequisites for Math 207. 

Year 4 at the University of Dayton may start with courses in summer following the Walsh junior year.  The summer, fall and spring of year 4 will be at the University of Dayton.  Total credits at UD, including summer, fall and spring for year 4 will be 27 credit hours of engineering courses.

The first 3 years at Walsh will include the first page of this curriculum sheet as well as the majority of the general education curriculum.  It may require some summer courses to complete this major in the 3 + 2 window.  Check with your advisor for details.

At the end of the spring semester in year 4, the BS in Computer Science from Walsh will have been earned and you will graduate from Walsh.  You will then need to apply to the UD Master's program (see advisor for details) to complete the 5th year at UD.  Once accepted into the UD Master's program, you will complete summer, fall and spring courses at UD (and thesis work if chosen) to finish an MS in Computer Engineering from UD in the spring of year 5.

During year 4, the Walsh pre-engineering student will have both a Walsh and a UD advisor.  Special considerations will be made to work with athletes and honors students.

The exact courses involved in this program are subject to change between 2017-2020 as we optimize this new process.  All changes will benefit students enrolled.