Cybersecurity Certificate Program

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of Information Technology -specific content (programming in a higher-level language; computer’s internal organization).
  2. Students will demonstrate critical thinking in Information Technology.
  3. Students will demonstrate communication skills reflective of professional standards in Information Technology.
  4. Students will demonstrate computer-based calculation skills (ability to work with different bases, internal data representations, digital logic).
Cybersecurity Certificate Required Courses
CS 114Introduction to Cybersecurity3
CS 221Database Techniques3
CS 385Computer Science Internship1-6
CS 387Advanced Cybersecurity3
ICT 410Intru Detect & Incid Response3
ICT 412Ethical Hacking & Sys Defense3
Total Hours16-21

The practicum will be an experiential commitment.  It may involve an applied project where the student works a project coordinated with Walsh at a designated internship site or a project coordinated in some way.