Clinical Laboratory Science Pre-Professional 4+1 Track (B.S.)



BIO 101T1:Principles of Biology I3
BIO 101LPrinciples of Biology I: Lab1
BIO 102Principles of Biology II3
BIO 102LPrinciples of Biology II: Lab1
BIO 200Medical Terminology1
BIO 206Microbiology3
BIO 206LMicrobiology: Lab1
BIO 209Anatomy/Physiology I3
BIO 209LAnatomy/Physiology I: Lab1
BIO 210Anatomy/Physiology II3
BIO 210LAnatomy/Physiology II: Lab1
BIO/CHEM Electives:12
11 BIO credit hours of 300-level or higher + internship (minimum of 1 hour); 2 credits maximum of BIO/CHEM 411/412; BIO/CHEM 390 counts.
BIO 304Immunology3-4
BIO/CHEM 307Essential Biochemistry3-4
BIO 402DV:Genetics3-4
BIO/CHEM 390Biology Internship (No internship required if admitted to CLS Internship)1-3
Biology/Chemistry elective(s) 300-level or higher1-4
CHEM 101T1: Principles of Chemistry I3
CHEM 101LPrinciples of Chemistry I: Lab1
CHEM 102Principles of Chemistry II3
CHEM 102LPrinciples of Chemistry II:Lab1
CHEM 201Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 201LOrganic Chemistry I: Lab1
CHEM 202Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 202LOrganic Chemistry II: Lab1
MATH 155Elementary Functions I3
or MATH 156 Elementary Functions II
MATH 207Calculus I5
MATH 221Statistics (required)3
PHIL 304H3:Bioethics3
PHYS 101Principles of Physics I3
PHYS 101LPrinciples of Physics I: Lab1
PHYS 102Principles of Physics II3
PHYS 102LPrinciples of Physics II: Lab1
Total Hours65-66

Student also must fulfill requirements of hospital-based program. See Division Chair for program details.