Museum Studies (B.A.)



List A: Required Core Museum Studies Courses and Internships
MS 101Introduction to Museum Studies3
MS 201Public History Practicum3
MS 301SL:Museum Studies Internship I3
MS 302SL:Museum Studies InternshipII3
MS 401Seminar in Museology3
MS 402Senior Capstone Project3
List B: Required Core Content Courses
Select two of the following:
ARHI 101T1:DV:History of Art3
ARHI Elective 200 level or higher3
BIO 101T1:Principles of Biology I3
or BIO 102 Principles of Biology II
HIST 101T1:DV:World Civil to 15003
or HIST 102 T1:DV:World Civil 1500 to Pres
HIST 103T1:DV:Hist of the U.S. to 18773
or HIST 104 T1:DV:Hist of U.S. since 1877
SOC 202H2b:DV: Cultural Anthropo3
List C: Required Museum Professionalism
Select nine semester hours from the following:
COM 360Intro Advert/Public Relations3
MS 225Intro to Archives/Records Mgt3
MS 320Museums of Rome (In Rome)3
MS 325Exhibition Design3
MS 330Museum Education3
MS 390Museum Admin & Leadership3
MS 415Senior Internship3
MS 475Rest,Cons,Pres(IntPresStCtr) (variable 1-9)1-9
List D: Additional Professional Development Course
Select one of the following:
ENG 240Professional Writing I3
ENG 340H3:Professional Writing II3
ENG 342Grant Writing3