Visual and Performing Arts (B.A)

Dr. Britt Cooper, Coordinator of Visual & Performing Arts Program

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will gain an appreciation for the Visual and Performing Arts and be able to identify underlying connections among them.
  2. Students will become competent in the application of one of the arts focus areas.
  3. Students will be able to communicate effectively about the arts in a variety of ways, including written and visual communication and/or in digital media, speech, and performance.
  4. Students will be exposed to arts careers and gain professional experience in community arts organizations through internships and participation in area arts events.
List A - Required Core
VPA 101T1:FD: Arts Appreciation3
VPA 200Cultural Immersion in the Arts3
VPA 301Professional VPA Internship3
VPA 400DM:Sr Capstone Project in Arts3
List B - Focus Area - select 4 T1 courses in Area of Choice - at least one (1) course in this area must be DV12
Studio Art
FD:T1:Visual Order
FD:T1:Drawing I
Painting I
T1:Painting II
Drawing II
T1:Special Topics in StudioArt
T1:Art Education
Art History
FD:T1:DV:History of Art
TH3:H3:Spcl Top in Art History
T1:TH3:DV:ArtsofAsia, Afr,&Isl
T1:TH3:DV:NativAm/Af Am/WomArt
TH3:H3:Greek and Roman Art
TH3:H3:CIT: Medieval Art
T1:TH3:CIT: Renaissance Art
T1:TH3:CIT: Baroque Art
T1:TH3:Modern Art
T1:TH3:History of Photography
GL:H2b:DM:TH3:Glbl ContempoArt
Walsh University Chorale
Walsh Chamber Singers
Music Theatre/Opera Workshop
T1:FD:Class Voice
T1:Fundamentals Musicianship
T1:DV:Ameri Musical Theater
T1:Fund of Music Theory
FD:Fund of Music &Theory Skill
Western Music History I
Western Music History II
T1:FD:DV: History of RockMusic
T1:FD: Music and The Movies
Drama Practicum
T1:Intro to Drama
List C - OTHER Fine Arts - Select 3 Outside Focus Area (can include ENG 31512 and PHIL 303)9
List D - Professionalism Elective - Choose 13
DM:Visual Communication
Intro Advert/Public Relations
Professional Writing I
H3:Professional Writing II
Grant Writing
Global Learning in Arts & Cult
Total Hours36