Government and Foreign Affairs (B.A.)

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will apply knowledge of theories, facts, methodologies and research in the respective discipline.
  • Students will think critically when synthesizing knowledge of evidence and content to reach conclusions.
  • Students will apply qualitative and quantitative analytical reasoning skills to solve problems and evaluate outcomes.
  • Students will communicate effectively in writing and in speaking in forms appropriate to the discipline.
  • Students will compare the beliefs, behaviors, values and/or worldview of others.



Government and Foreign Affairs Requirements
GFA 103T1:FD:DV:American Government3
GFA 214Introduction to Research3
GFA 301H1:DV:FD: World Politics3
GFA 303H2b:American Political Thought3
GFA 430Internship I3
MATH 221Statistics3
or BSC 221 Stats for Behavioral Science
GFA Electives15
GFA Capstone3
For a course to be counted as a capstone, it must be taken in the student's final semester of the senior year. Students can choose from one of the following courses
H3:DV:Povty & Prspty in Dev Wd
TH1:H2b:Constitutional Law
H1:TH1:InternPoliti Econ
H3:TH1:International Law
Special Topics
When taken outside of the senior year, these courses count as GFA electives.
Students are strongly encouraged to take the following courses:
Total Hours36