Supplementary Major in Theology (B.A.)

The Supplementary Major in Theology focuses on the fundamental questions about reality and human existence. The diversity and balance of preparation provided by this Supplementary Major in Theology complements and extends a student’s primary major within a Liberal Arts and Sciences education. For example, a student who is majoring in Education, Nursing, Philosophy, etc., but who also would like to major in Theology, would find this Supplementary Major in Theology attractive. [Note: A supplementary major is not intended as a qualifying major for an undergraduate degree, but is offered in combination with a student’s primary major. Successful completion of the Supplementary Major requirements will be noted on the student’s academic transcript, though not on his or her diploma.]




Supplementary Theology Requirements
THEO 200H2a:TH3:CIT:ChristiaTheoTo15003
THEO 201H2a:TH3:CIT:ChrisTheo/1500-Pre3
THEO 202H2a:TH3:CIT: Christology3
THEO 203H2a:TH3:CIT:ChristianMoralLife3
THEO 205H2aTH1:SL:CIT:ChurchTheModWrld3
THEO 215H2a:TH1:CIT:OldTestamentScript3
THEO 216H2a:TH3:CIT:NewTestamentScript3
THEO 302H3:TH3:CIT: Liturgy/Sacraments3
THEO 309H2a:TH1:CIT:SL:PrinJustic/Peac3
Total Hours27

All Theology majors must have completed THEO 106 as a prerequisite Tier 1 Course.