Museum Studies (B.A.)



List A: Required Core Museum Studies Courses and Internships
MS 101Introduction to Museum Studies3
MS 201Public History Practicum3
MS 301Museum Studies Internship I3
MS 302Museum Studies Internship II3
MS 401Seminar in Museology3
MS 402Capstone Independent Study3
List B: Required Core Content Courses
Select two of the following:
ARHI 101T1:DV:History of Art3
BIO 101T1:Principles of Biology I3
or BIO 102 Principles of Biology II
ARHI Elective 200 level or higher3
HIST 101T1:DV:World Civil to 15003
or HIST 102 T1:DV:World Civil 1500 to Pres
HIST 103T1:DV:Hist of the U.S. to 18773
or HIST 104 T1:DV:Hist of U.S. since 1877
SOC 202H2b:DV: Cultural Anthropo3
List C: Required Museum Professionalism
Select nine semester hours from the following:
COM 360Intro Advert/Public Relations3
MS 225Intro to Archives/Records Mgt3
MS 320Museums of Rome (In Rome)3
MS 325Exhibition Design3
MS 330Museum Education3
MS 390Museum Admin & Leadership3
MS 415Senior Internship3
MS 475Rest,Cons,Pres(IntPresStCtr) (variable 1-9)3-9
List D: Additional Professional Development Course
Select one of the following:
ENG 240Professional Writing I3
ENG 340H3:Professional Writing II3
ENG 342Grant Writing3