Philosophy (B.A.)

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will appraise and evaluate the arguments of primary philosophical texts and research.
  • Students will communicate an understanding of sound reasoning concerning classical philosophical problems and ideas.
  • Students will apply philosophical principles and ideas to contemporary ethical problems.
  • Students will appraise the great ideas and major themes in the philosophical canon.



Required Courses (22 sem. hrs.)

PHIL 100T1:Introduction to Philosophy3
or PHIL 110 T1:FromSocr-Spiel:PhilThroFilm
PHIL 202T1:DV:Phil of Human Nature3
PHIL 203T1:DV:Moral Philosophy3
PHIL 251T1: Symbolic Logic3
PHIL 405H2b:Philosophy Symposium3
PHIL 406Internship Adv Clin Bioethics3
PHIL 410Capstone Seminar3
Total Hours21

Concentrations (15 sem. hrs.)

Students must take 12 semester hours in one concentration and 3 semester hours in the other.

A. Applied Ethics
PHIL 255H1:DV:Phil of Human Sexuality3
PHIL 275H1:Environmental Philosophy3
PHIL 304H3:Bioethics3
PHIL 350H2b:Philosophy of Medicine3
PHIL 407H2b:ST in Applied Ethics3
B. Great Ideas
PHIL 301Philosophy of Knowledge3
PHIL 302Metaphysics3
PHIL 303H2b:DV:Philosophy of Art3
PHIL 308H1:Great Transformations3
PHIL 312H2b:DV:Political Philosophy3
PHIL 315H2b:Ancient/MedievalPhilosophy3
PHIL 316H2b:Renaiss & Mod Philosophy3
PHIL 317H2b:Contemporary Philosophy3
PHIL 408H3:Sem:Selected Topics in Phil3
PHIL 409Sem: Selected Philosophers3