Communication (B.A.)



COM 210Mass Communication and Society3
COM/ENG 211Speech3
COM 212Interpersonal Communication3
COM 250Writing for Mass Media3
COM 320Research Methods in Mass Comm3
COM 370Mass Media Law and Ethics3
COM 420Mass Comm Issues/Ethics3
COM Elective (Upper-level Communication writing course)3
Required Internship
COM 430Media Internship 11-6
COM Electives12
Total Hours36

COM 430 credits count toward the twelve credits of Communication Electives. The Internship requirement can be satisfied with internships in other majors or fields, but other internships do not count as Communication Electives.

Note: Communication majors and minors also may choose from the following courses to satisfy Communication Department elective semester hour requirements:

ENG 220Introduction Creative Writing3
ENG 240Professional Writing I3
ENG 320Advanced Creative Writing3
ENG 323H3:The Modern Rhetoric3
ENG 335H2b:Travel Writing3
ENG 340H3:Professional Writing II3
ENG 342Grant Writing3
ENG 385H3:Literature and Film3
ENG 420Creative Writing:Pub/Perform3
ENG 440Adv Studies in Composition3
BUS 113Comm in Multicultural Environ3
BUS 233Mktg in a Global Environment3
BUS 308Global Integrated Mktg Commun3