Communication - Digital Media (B.A.)

Student Learning Outcomes

  • The Graduates of the Communication program will use research skills to critically analyze, synthesize and evaluate current research literature and online information to evaluate communication theory and professional practice in terms of practical applicability.
  • The Graduates of the Communication program will compose written work in the style of the communication professions and employ effective oral and interpersonal communication skills.
  • The Graduates of the Communication program will apply critical thinking, scholarship and knowledge of content to analyze moral and ethical issues in contemporary society and professional communication settings.
  • The Graduates of the Communication program will identify and apply the skills of a specialized area of communication.
  • The Graduates of the Corporate Communication program will apply the skills of Corporate Communication to a professional environment.



COM 175Digital CreativityApplications3
COM 210Mass Communication and Society3
COM 211Speech3
or ENG 211 Speech
COM 212Interpersonal Communication3
COM 235Creative Digi Prac Production3
COM 250Writing for Mass Media3
COM 320Research Methods in Mass Comm3
COM 370Mass Media Law and Ethics3
COM 420Mass Comm Issues/Ethics3
COM Elective (upper level writing course)
COM 400-5Writing for Social Media3
or COM 400-9 Writing for Digital Media
Internship Choice (must be taken for at least one credit)
COM 430Media Internship1-6
COM 432Digital Media Internship1-6
Communication Electives (choose for a total of 6 credit hours)
COM 316Digital Storytelling3
COM 326Time Based Media3
COM 345Video Content Production3
CS 251Web Publishing3
Can also include up to 3 credits of COM 432. The internship requirement can be satisfied with internships in other majors or fields, but other internships do not count as Digital Media electives.
Total Hours37-42