Sociology Applied Family Studies (B.A.)



Sociology Core21
SOC 101T1:Principles of Sociology3
or SOC 204 DV:T1:Social Problems
SOC 211Writing/Research in Sociology3
SOC 220Social Research Methods3
BSC 221Stats for Behavioral Science3
BSC 301DV:Social Psychology3
BSC 430DV:Applied Behav Science Sem3
SOC 401H2b:Sociological Theory3
Applied Family Studies24-30
BSC 360DV:Counsel/Interview Proc3
SOC 205T1:DV:Social/Cult Divers3
SOC 213Sociology of Growing Up3
SOC 303H1:DV:Marriage, Family&Intimac3
SOC 314H1:DV:Sociology of Aging3
BSC 440DV:H3:Applied Behav Sci Intern3-9
Electives 6
Select two of the following:
H2b:DV:Death, Dying and Bereav
DV:H1:Medical Sociology
SOC ____ Choice of Sociology Elective
DV:H1: Addictions
Total Hours45-51