Psychology (B.A.) - 3+2 Early Assurance Pre-Occupational Therapy Program



Psychology Foundations (18 credit hours)
PSYC 120T1:FD: Principles of Psych3
PSYC 210T1:DV:FD: HumanDevelAcrossLife3
BSC 220Social Research Methods3
BSC 221Stats for Behavioral Science3
PSYC 251Physiological Psychology3
PSYC 401DV: TH1: Abnormal Psychology3
Electives - Select two courses from the list below (6 total credit hours)6
Principles of Learning
Industrial/Organizatio Psyc
H1:DV:Cross-Cultural Psych
H1:DV:TH1: Addictions
DV:Social Psychology
OT Preparation (15 credit hours)
BIO 200Medical Terminology1
BIO 209Anatomy/Physiology I3
BIO 209LAnatomy/Physiology I: Lab1
BIO 210Anatomy/Physiology II3
BIO 210LAnatomy/Physiology II: Lab1
EXS 385Biomechanics3
SOC 101T1:FD:Principles of Sociology3
Culminating Experience - Community/Clinical (9-12 credit hours)
BSC 430DM:DV:Applied Behav Science Se3
BSC 440SL:H3:DV:Applied Behav Sci Int3-6
Exit Exam Completed ______________(date)
Masters in Occupational Therapy Required Courses (30 credit hours)
OT 503Human Anatomy5
OT 503LHuman Anatomy Lab0
OT 502Foundations of OT3
OT 504Conditions in OT2
OT 506Task Analysis2
OT 602OT Evaluation & Assess Skls3
OT 604Psych Aspects of Occup Perf3
OT 606Therapeutic Interv in Ped4
OT 608Biomechanics in Occup Therapy4
OT 610Neuroscience for Occup Therapy3
OT 612Lvl 1 Fieldwork A/Seminar2
Total Hours76-79