Occupational Therapy Assistant OTA to MOT Degree Advancement (B.S.)


The Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) to Masters of Occupational Therapy (MOT) Degree Advancement Bachelor of Science (BS) program offers a unique opportunity for Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) practitioners to earn a bachelor's degree and transition to the MOT program at Walsh University. In this program, students transfer credits from their respective OTA program, complete pre-requisite courses or courses in the Health Sciences degree program to total a minimum of 90 credits before entering the MOT program for their final 30 credits of their BS degree. The final 30 credits encompass the 15 required in the major and are dual coded as 500 level undergraduate courses and occupational therapy graduate level courses.

OTA degree advancement admission requirements

Entrance to Walsh: meet Walsh requirements for admission to the university.

During completion of first year at Walsh: meet the following

  • Maintain a 3.0 overall GPA
  • Pre-req GPA must be 3.0 regardless of where/when courses were completed
  • In year prior to entering OT program, complete interview with OT faculty
  • Submit 3 letters of recommendation; at least one from a work supervisor

B.S. Health Science OTA to MOT Degree Advancement - 60 transfer credits, 1st year = 30 credits, 2nd year = 30 credit hours first 2 semesters in OT program = 120 credits

Students must have completed a minimum of 90 credit hours before admission to the master of occupational therapy program in order to graduate with a bachelor of science degree upon completion of first year of the master of occupational therapy program.*

Plan of Study Grid
First YearHours
Health Sciences Core 30
BSC 221 Stats for Behavioral Science 3
BSC 320 DM:Ethics &Professional Skills 3
EXS 263 H1:TH1:DV:CIT:Persl/Com Health 3
EXS 385 Biomechanics 3
ENG 240 Professional Writing I 3
ODL 200 Introduction to Leadership 3
PSYC 240 Industrial/Organizatio Psyc 3
SOC 205 T1:FD:DV:Social/Cult Divers 3
SOC 220 Social Research Methods 3
SOC 311 H1:DV:Medical Sociology 3
Second Year
OT Coursework/Final year of Bachelor's in Health Science 30
OT 502 Foundations of OT 3
OT 503
Human Anatomy
and Human Anatomy Lab
OT 504 Conditions in OT 2
OT 506 Task Analysis 2
OT 508 OT Theory & Frames of Ref 2
OT 602 OT Evaluation & Assess Skls 3
OT 606 Therapeutic Interv in Ped 4
OT 608 Biomechanics in Occup Therapy 3
OT 610 Neuroscience for Occup Therapy 3
OT 612 Lvl 1 Fieldwork A/Seminar 2
 Total Hours120

* Important Note: 60 credit hours will be transferred from the College or University the student was awarded the Occupational Therapy Assistant degree. 

Students who are admitted with an earned associate's degree are eligible for reduced core. Students who have not yet earned an associate's degree will be required to take courses to fulfill the general education requirements.