Psychology Community/Clinical (B.A.)



Psychology Foundations21
PSYC 120T1:FD: Principles of Psych3
PSYC 202Adv Principles of Psychology3
PSYC 251Physiological Psychology3
SOC 220Social Research Methods3
BSC 221Stats for Behavioral Science3
PSYC 321Experimental Psychology3
PSYC 401DV:Abnormal Psychology3
Core Areas in Psychology9
Select one course from each of the following core areas:
PSYC 201Principles of Learning3
PSYC 204Cognitive Processes3
PSYC 302Cognitive Neuropsychology3
Social Processes
PSYC 240Industrial/Organizatio Psyc3
PSYC 426DV:Group Process3
BSC 301DV:Social Psychology3
PSYC 210T1:DV:FD: HumanDevelAcrossLife3
PSYC 309H1:Crit Iss in Child/Adol Deve3
SOC 314H1:DV:Sociology of Aging3
Choose Two
PSYC 200T1:Psychology of Violence3
PSYC 305Personality3
PSYC 307H1:DV:Cross-Cultural Psych3
PSYC 340H1:DV:TH1: Addictions3
PSYC 350Special Topics in Psychology3
PSYC 350-1ST: Forensic Psychology3
PSYC 350-2Health Psychology3
PSYC 490Independent Study1-3
SOC 205T1:FD:DV:Social/Cult Divers3
PSYC ___ Choice of core course area not taken3
PSYC ___ Choice of core course area not taken3
Culminating Experience9-15
BSC 360DV:Counsel/Interview Proc3
BSC 430DM:DV:Applied Behav Science Se3
BSC 440SL:H3:DV:Applied Behav Sci Int3-6
Total Hours45-51