Criminal Justice (B.A.)



Criminal Justice Core24
SOC 101T1:FD:Principles of Sociology3
SOC 220Social Research Methods3
BSC 221Stats for Behavioral Science3
SOC 210T1:Juvenile Crime/Justice3
SOC 212T1:Criminal Justice3
SOC 305Criminology3
SOC 322Restorative Justice3
SOC 401H2b:Sociological Theory3
Criminal Justice Electives12
SOC ____ SOC Elective3
SOC 209Contemporary Policing3
SOC ____ SOC Elective3
NS 114T1:FD:Intro to ForensicScience3
BUS 345Fraud Examination3
PSYC 340H1:DV:TH1: Addictions3
PSYC 350-1ST: Forensic Psychology3
PSYC ____ PSYC Elective3
GFA 245TH1:DV:TheLawandtheLegalSystem3
Criminal Justice Culminating Experience9-15
BSC 360DV:Counsel/Interview Proc3
BSC 430DM:DV:Applied Behav Science Se3
BSC 440SL:H3:DV:Applied Behav Sci Int3-6